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Claim the Flame Challenge
Week 4
Skillz N' Chillz
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It's the Final Week!

Well folks, it’s the final week of the Claim the Flame Challenge and it all comes down to this week. The Beavers and Cubs will be putting all their skills to the test with either a great outdoor adventure or some exciting winter STEM experiments. For the older sections they’re going to be testing all their new skills with a winter trek or campfire. And for those that have been doing the mini-Klondike, well, this week is the week! The race is on in a true test of all the winter skills and Scoutcraft they’ve learned over the challenge. It’s going to be one wild week! 


Beavers and Cubs
PictographOption 1: Explore

Get outside and explore by enjoying a short winter hike! While you’re exploring, add a scats, tracks, and animal signs scavenger hunt. How many animal tracks can you identify on your path? Take your exploration to the next level by doing adding a snowshoe trek, outdoor skating, or building a winter obstacle course that you need to navigate to your adventure. Bundle up!

PictographOption 2: Learn

Learning is extra fun with these exciting winter STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) experiments! Enjoy delicious experiments by making terrific taffy or your own ice cream! Learn as you build with juice box ice blocks or take it to the next level with a snow volcano. Or, why not add some décor to the outdoors by experimenting with subzero ornaments, ice spheres or ice bubbles? Endless fun with winter STEM!

Scouts, Venturers and Rovers
PictographOption 1: Icy Expedition

Now that you’ve learned some new winter skills (or practiced some old ones), try something more challenging. Plan a winter activity for your Group or Section. This could be a longer winter trek or a camp. Don’t have time to plan and execute a full event? Try learning more skills for winter—practice setting up a winter camp site or learn how to stay safe on the ice.

PictographOption 2: It's Mini-Derby Day!

The object of the Derby is to travel as a small team (no more that 8 youth) around a predetermined course—stopping at stations along the way and completing the task at each station. The winner is the team that does all the stations correctly and finishes the course in the quickest time. All teams need to ensure that their gear and equipment is safely secured to their sled. If you only have one small team in your Section, team up with a nearby Section and compete against each other! You might even want to invite all the Sections in nearby groups or your local Girl Guides to join the fun.


Ensure that all the youth are dressed for the weather and signs of hypothermia are dealt with right away.

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