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Council Meetings

Check out our Minutes, Recordings, and notes from past Council Meetings. Please contact Bob Martinell, Council Secretary, for errors or omissions. 

SWC CST Meeting Agenda - 202207

SWC CST Meeting Minutes - 202207

SWC CST Meeting General Updates - 202207

"Important Info - Safety Leadership" email from CK3 on July 22*

Program Updates
- Fall Program Challenge Presentation Slide**
Program Challenges
Youth Mentorship
- Behaviour Management (Resource Page | DHLC Video)
Events Management Playbook

Meeting Q&A - 202207

Pre-Reading Materials

Scouts Canada Strategic Plan

"Volunteer Renewal and Participant Registration 2023" email from Scouts Canada on July 5*

"Scouters Advanced Notice - Youth Registration" email from Scouts Canada on July 14*. In particular the ChecklistFAQ, and NOLB

Updates on National Fundraisers for 2022-23

Shining Waters Council Commissioner Posting

Scouts Canada Trello Board

Submit your Questions / Vote - Please refer to Bob Martinell's email dated July 15 for the code.

* - Your Group's Relationship Manager (GSS/SRM) can provide you a copy upon request
** - Please reach out to Conseula St. John (Program Support Manager) if you have any questions regarding the Fall Challenge

Pre-Reading Materials

Children’s Art Work - What is your initial impression? [Added Jan 15]

Woggle Winter 2021 - Particular Highlights:
- Members & Volunteers Recruitment
- Personal Achievement Badge Portal
- Scouts for Sustainability
- Activity Finder

Commissioner Handbook for Recognition and Associated Files

* - Your Group's Relationship Manager (GSS/SRM) can provide you a copy upon request