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Camp Ashanti

Camp Ashanti is a group camping facility conveniently located just outside of the town of Stephenville and is only 40 short minutes from the City of Corner Brook. The camp is situated on 49 acres of beautiful forest fronted by Black Duck Pond and is operated by The Camp Ashanti Group Committee.

The property has a bunkhouse, two cabins and open areas that can be used for tenting. Bunks on the property can accommodate up to 36 campers. The cabins are heated by wood stoves and the cook house is heated by a wood burning furnace. The cookhouse also has electricity and is equipped with two stoves, a refrigerator and a microwave. 

The camp provides the ideal backdrop for many exciting group activities with a large open space at the front of the property and a camping area. The pond is ideal for canoeing, kayaking and fishing in the spring, summer and fall, along with ice fishing in the winter. Just outside the property there are many areas which can be used for mountain biking, hiking, snowshoeing and survival training - the opportunities are limitless. 

Enquiries and bookings can be made by contacting Jason Roberts at (709) 649-1235 or visiting