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Camp Nor'Wes

Owned and operated by Scouts Canada, Camp Nor'Wes is our signature campsite, located just east of Terra Nova Park, approximately 220 kms west of St. John's. The 400-acre site offers a wilderness camping experience.


The site is off the electrical grid, but has a diesel generator to provide electricity for essential services. Most buildings are grouped along Northwest Pond in the southern part of the site. Facilities include a lodge building containing a kitchen and dining facilities (wheelchair accessible), warden's cabin, maintenance building, boathouse, outdoor cookhouse, hospital building/first aid post (wheelchair accessible), headquarters building (wheelchair accessible), washroom house, water tank and pumping station, Rover cabin (wheelchair accessible), a village containing five cabins and one firepit house, diesel generator, three large activity fields, ampitheatre (in development), beach podium and more than 125 campsites for tenting. 

The kitchen has propane stoves and fridges with capacity to serve 100 diners. The lodge building is served by electricity and heated by two woodstoves. It can seat 80 to 100 people. 

The cabins hold a total of 53 bunks and have electrical service via a gasoline generator. They are heated by woodstoves. 

In addition, the camp features natural rock climbing, a firewood lot, numerous trails and a roads network for accessibility, bicycles, archery, war canoes, smaller canoes and a powered aluminum safety boat. 

Utilities, electrical and water are provided to most buildings, with the exception of the cabins and boathouse. Hot and cold showers are available. Hot showers are wheelchair accessible and several flush toilets have been installed. There are numerous outhouses provided throughout the campsite and portable toilets are provided to augment services for larger camps. 

Daily activities of the camp are under the supervison of a camp warden, and the camp operates primarily from late May through December, although some services may not be available at all times. Access to the camp is limited in the winter months. 

For further information, rates and booking, please contact Charles Cook, (709) 687-2490 or email