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AJ 2021 - Truly Lost in Time

September 28, 2020

Good Evening,
I would first like to thank you for your interest and your support of the first ever Atlantic Jamboree that was set for this past summer. Given the circumstances of the current pandemic, we recognized that it would not be possible and rescheduled the event for 2021. Even with this change, the vast majority of those registered for 2020 agreed to commit to joining us in 2021 instead - thank you!


As the world continues to learn more about this pandemic and what the future holds, the planning team has decided that the summer of 2021 will still be too soon for us to hold the Atlantic Jamboree. The theme of the Jamboree was Lost in Time, and that has proven to be accurate, the Jamboree is Truly Lost In Time. The decision to cancel was not an easy one, nor a decision in which any members of our team wanted to make, but it was the most logical decision at this time.


The Jamboree has incurred some significant expenses to date. We agreed that we didn’t want to force groups to pay a fee given the circumstances. Instead we are asking for either a donation in exchange for a limited-edition crest, or your support through the purchase of a crest, neckerchief or t-shirt. The more that we are able to recover, the greater the possibility of another Atlantic Jamboree in the future. If you have already made payments towards registration fees, we will simply deduct the cost of the merchandise for your patrol from your fees. 


You can view our merchandise offering here.  Please note that this pre-sale will be available until October 31st at which point we will close pre-orders and then finalize the order with our supplier. I would once again like to thank you for your support of this event and hope that you will be able to continue to support us through this merchandise sale as we try to balance the books for the next event.  
Justin Chenier 
Jamboree Chair
Atlantic Jamboree 2021