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The Nova Scotia Council and Scoutiing as a whole is a charitable organization powered mainly by fundraising initiatives and membership fees. While membership, camp, and event fees cover a large portion of the cost of running our programs, they do not cover the cost entirely.

To ensure that we are able to continue to deliver the high quality of program that we have for over 100 years, we rely on the generous support of people like you. Your support truly makes a difference!

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Your donations to Scouts Canada provides children and youth with exciting experiences and opportunities that they wouldn’t have elsewhere – and to help them reach their full potential as good citizens and leaders for tomorrow.

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  • Fundraising Activities
  • Scout Popcorn

    Scout Popcorn is a youth-led initiative that runs every year from mid-September to mid-October, it promotes confidence, responsibility and good citizenship. Since 1989, Canadian Scouts from all across the country have sold over $100 million of Scout Popcorn with more than half of the money raised doing directly to Scouting activities such as: summer camps, Jamborees, canoe trips, group excursions, and to help subsidize registration fees.

    For more information about Scout Popcorn visit or if you have specific Popcorn campaign questions, please contact your area commissioner or local group Popcorn leader.


    When you donate to Scoutrees, you support the environment. This national youth program, typically held in spring, encourages and promotes environmental stewardship. By planting trees, youth learn about the important role they have in our lives, as well as the critical need for conservation. Each spring since 1972, thousands of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts have planted over 80 million trees through the Scoutrees Program.

    For more information, or to learn about volunteer opportunities, see our page on Scoutrees.



    Apple Day

    This is annual event provides our Scouting youth with an opportunity to show their appreciation to the general public for their support throughout the year. Our youth distribute apples as a way of saying “Thank You” to the community. Donations are accepted in exchange, but apples are not sold.





  • Lottery Fundraising Initiatives
  • Lotto Permit Requests

    Any group planning an event that would require a lottery lpermit, should review their proposed plan with their Group commissioner, complete the formbelow in full with detailed description of the event, have the GC sign off and then submit it to for final approval.  This must be completed prior to requesting the permit.


    Group Lotto Request Form