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Camp Buchan

Camp Buchan is located southeast of Charlottetown in the community of Point Prim. Established in 1938, Camp Buchan has a long history of facilitating Scouting adventures on Prince Edward Island. The site offers a great sandy beach, main lodge, a log cabin, nature trails and so much more!

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  • Camp Buchan is located on the south side of Prince Edward Island in the beautiful community of Point Prim, Kings County and at the mouth of the Charlottetown harbour. Camp Buchan is a 25 minute drive from Wood Islands Northumberland ferry or 45 minutes from Charlottetown Airport. 
    There is a large main building with tables and chairs for meetings and gatherings. The camp has acres of large open fields and meadows, treed areas, level grassy campsites, nature trails throughout the property, marsh habitat area, updated log cabin for Scout/Venturer use year-round, and a large unsupervised beach that is located on the west and south side of the camp. Great swimming is available when the tide is in and when tides are out, take advantage of very long walks and activities on the sand flats.
    When checking out, groups are to leave no trace and are responsible to take with them all their compost, waste and recyclables to the nearest IWMC (Island Waste Management Corporation) disposal site. Do not use the black and green garbage bins at camp entrance; they are for a private residence. 
    Groups are advised to have cell phones for all telephone calls. Grocery store with a full range of groceries in located in the community of Eldon, a 10 minute drive from the camp.
    Camp Buchan is available for camping any time of the year. Main building is available year round, with electricity available during winter months and wood is supplied for the wood stove. Plumbing, washrooms, water system is winterized, so campers will need to bring their water for drinking and cooking use during the winter. 
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  • Camp Buchan can be rented by Scout Canada and Girl Guide Members and non-members; for both day and overnight use. 


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    Camp Buchan, 379 Camp Buchan Rd, Belfast, PE C0A 1A0

    GPS N46.054938926954414, W-62.95448169574505



    Waldron MacDonald

    Camp Manager 


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  • Challenge Trails

    The dynamic essence of Scouting comes to life as Scouts from across Prince Edward Island and the Maritimes gather for Challenge Trails, a 3 day, 2-night camp event teeming with challenges, camaraderie, and the thrill of the outdoors. On Saturday and Sunday, Camp Buchan would buzz with activity as four distinct projects unfolded, each designed to test the Scouts' skills in teamwork, leadership, and practical outdoor abilities. As the sun rise over the camp, the Scouts eagerly delved into the projects that awaited them.

    Project Highlights:

    1. Pioneering Knots Lashing: A flagship project that showcased Scouts' ability to work together in constructing a flagpole. Points were awarded based on teamwork, leadership, cooperation, and the successful completion of the task. With up to 40 points at stake, this project set the tone for a day of friendly competition.
    2. Fire Lighting Challenge: Scouts demonstrated their fire-starting prowess, gathering tinder and igniting a flame to burn a string. Points were assigned for teamwork, leadership, cooperation, with bonus points awarded for those who started a fire using flint, successfully lit it with a maximum of three matches, and patrols that burned through the string.
    3. Camping 101: A practical project that tested Scouts' camping proficiency. Erecting tents, lighting stoves, hooking up the gas, and preparing a meal were all part of the challenge, emphasizing the Scouts' ability to apply fundamental camping skills in a timed and competitive setting.
    4. Additional Project: Brimming with surprises, Scouts can anticipate an additional project that will challenge their skills in diverse areas such as Biking, Mug Challenge, Air Rifles, Emergency Shelter Building, Frisbee Golf, Obstacle Course, Dempsey's Dilemma, Orienteering, Travous, Woodworking, Trail Clearing, Kim's Game, Catapults, Lumberjack, or Spider's Web.

    With a total of 12 projects spread over Saturday and Sunday morning, the Scouts were in for a weekend packed with learning, adventure, and the chance to showcase their Scouting prowess, offering a glimpse into what could become a cherished annual tradition each June.

    Results Day:

    Sunday afternoon dawned with anticipation as the results were announced. Cheers and applause echoed through the Challenge Trails campsite as the overall winners of the weekend were revealed, and the overall points tally unveiled. It was a moment of celebration and acknowledgment for the Scouts who had poured their heart and soul into the challenges – their patrol name added to the trophy that hangs in the camp hut.

    The Challenge Trails camp event not only fosters friendly competition but, more importantly, emphasized the values of teamwork, leadership, and practical outdoor skills that lie at the core of the Scouting experience.

    As the tents were packed away, and the campfire's embers dimmed, the Scouts leave with a sense of accomplishment and a trove of memories from a weekend that exemplified the very essence of Scouting on Prince Edward Island, leaving them eagerly anticipating the potential annual rendezvous next June at Challenge Trails, their very own Scout Olympics.