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Kensington Tree Planting

September 15, 2021

Group News

On June 9, 2021 the Kensington Scouting Groups lead by The Kensington North Water Shed Group (Johanna Kelly and her staff) and with Cavendish Farms we took to planting on the Old Station Road on land that Cavendish Farms owns and wants to protect and reforest, the youth planted 120 trees, many varieties that will thrive in this area. It was a great evening with Johanna Kelly from the Watershed giving the youth directions on what trees are being planted and why they will do well in this area. The youth took their shovels and started digging and in no time at all they planted all the trees. There were even oak trees being planted, which doesn’t happen often due to availability.

Cavendish Farms to show their appreciation to the youth that were in attendance were each given their own personal first aid kit, very fitting for the Scouting groups.

Author: Scouter Shelley, Kensington Group