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Voyageur Council Trail Guide -- March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022

Now that spring is here, get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! With many fun activities and events being planned for the next few months, we can't wait to see what Groups in our Council will be getting up to. This time of year is quite exciting for our youth, bringing milder weather so that they can experience more adventurous programming without the bulky snowsuits. Looking for ways to add some bounce to your spring program? Check out this collection of tips and activities!

New and updated information this week: COVID Restrictions, Events Townhall, Grizzly Den, Council Voting Representatives, ScoutsTracker Resources, Changes to International Standards, Upcoming First Aid Courses, ScoutCraft 1&2, Carleton Camporee, 1st Kanata - Bike Exchange and Sale 2022, Properties Update

Check out this week's Trail Guide by clicking here: