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Victoria Rover BBQ

This is an event for Rovers and Scouters from around the Victoria/Vancouver Island region to come together and socialize. We spend a lot of time volunteering and it is important to have events to just "hang out." 

This event will start at 6pm near the washrooms at Lagoon Rd and Ocean Blvd. 9pm will be the official end time.

We will have a couple of small camp BBQs and a propane firepit to share. Please bring dinner if you'd like (you are more than welcome to use the BBQs for your dinner!), a chair to sit in, and be ready for a fun, relaxed evening! 

I'd like to make this a linking event for 3rd-year Venturers in the region so that they can come and see that Rovers are active and that there is much more for them to do once they turn 18 in the program! If your group does not have a Rover Section, please bring your 3rd-year Venturers anyway - they can meet Rovers and learn about the next section and perhaps either join another preexisting crew or open a new crew in their own group!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached at


Derek Duddridge

When: May 9, 6-9pm

Where: Esquimalt Lagoon

Parking Lot at Lagoon Beach (watch for the Rover flag!)