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Vancouver Island Beaveree

What I want to be Beaveree 2023

Beaveree is a day event for Beavers and their Scouters held at Camp Barnard where they travel as a group between fun and educational stations in a country fair format, visiting the ones they wish and in any order they want.

Saturday May 27th, 2023 – Opening starts at 9:30am – Closing ends at 2:30pm

Camp Barnard Playing Field



  • This is a uniform event. Each youth should carry a water bottle, wear outerwear suitable to the weather, have sunscreen and a hat.

  • If the group has not pre ordered concession – each person will need to bring a bag lunch.

  • Recommend a picnic blanket for lunch time.

  • Hand sanitizer – apply it regularly throughout the event.

  • A couple pair of scissors, a lighter (to melt the ends of the lanyard that is part of the craft).

  • A Ziploc bag with each youth’s name to carry the various give aways/crafts they’ll end up with during the event.



Cost is for both youth and adult (does not include concession, see below):

  • $12 per person + concession if paid by May 1

  • $15 per person + concession if paid May 2 - 15

  • $20 per person + concession if paid May 16 or later

  • $20 per person + concession if paid at the event

Note - If you are adding a person after your group has already paid, you will pay the same amount for that person as you paid for the group.  Example: If you register your group and pay the $15 fee in full on May 10th.  If you decide to add another person on the 21st you would pay $15 for that additional person as well.

Please make every effort to pay in full prior to the event. Payments made at the event must be in cash and with exact change. No group should arrive at the event without having already paid or able to pay that day. No group shall participate in Beaveree without having registered and paid in full. 

Please register your group as soon as you are able with our registration form. For our planning we appreciate knowing expected numbers ahead of time. Email the Registration form to 

Changes to the registration – all changes should be sent to Kim in an email to  Even if you remove one youth and replace with another, please still send that change to Kim. 



E transfers to with ‘Beaveree – Your Group Name’ in the Message field


Cheque made out to 30th BP Guild and “Beaveree 2023’ on the Notes line (If the cheque is not a Group cheque, please include your Group name as well).

Payment for Registration and Concession are to be made in one payment.  Please do everything you can to avoid paying for each individually.  

If paying with e transfer - Send a copy of your registration form and the details of your concession order together to so we can cross reference the payments, we receive with the registrations and concession orders.  Be very clear with your Group name in any correspondence.

If paying by cheque - drop the hard copy of the registration form and concession order form at Scout House with your cheque.  Put it in an envelope marked with ‘Beaveree’ and your Group name in the large black mailbox next to the side door. It’s a good idea to note the date you dropped it off as well. Scout House is at 505 Marigold Road, Victoria BC V8Z 4R5. Email so we know you’ve dropped it off.

Refunds – Refunds will be provided for any requests made on or before May 15th.  Late refund requests or no-shows cannot be accommodated because all materials and supplies will be purchased by then.



Concession is offered by Camp Committee volunteers this year as an option for Groups.  Concession is by pre order only – please submit your order by emailing the concession order form to or by dropping it at Scout House in the mailbox by May 22nd.  Follow the instructions on the concession order formRemember, concession orders do not include condiments or beverages this year, Groups must bring their own. There MAY be extra food left over after the orders are filled – for ad hoc concession items, you can check in at Mor kitchen – cash only - exact change recommended.



  • All Groups must provide their own first aider and first aid kit.

  • Colony Scouters are required to ensure the ratio requirements are met. Ratios must be demonstrated on the registration form.

  • Groups are responsible to ensure all adults are appropriately screened and confirm ratios are met. 2 deep at all times.

  • Groups must submit the appropriate activity paperwork to their Group Committee within the Scouts Canada deadlines.

  • Ensure all ratio adults are aware of the Emergency plan and the muster points as found on the Emergency Plan shared in the registration package.

  • Each group will be assigned a task at the end of Beaveree as part of the clean up. A clean up roster will be sent out with the registration package – we appreciate you committing to complete the assigned task.

Safety Reminders:

  • Groups to travel together between stations. (Youth are not to roam on their own)

  • Adults are expected to carefully supervise youth even when interacting in the stations with the station volunteers. Pay particular attention on the waterfront if you participate in Learn to Fish and at the bouncy castle – follow the rules posted.

  • Adults are asked to assist the station volunteers as they run their program. This is not a stand back and observe event – get in there, get busy, help out, have fun!

  • Monitor your youth for use of hand sanitizer as necessary.



  • animal rescue

  • arcade

  • bakery

  • birders

  • blacksmith

  • bus station

  • chapel

  • city works

  • coast guard

  • dentist

  • doctor's office

  • farmer

  • firedepartment

  • learn to fish

  • fitness centre

  • health clinic



This year we are offering two specialized programs - there is limited space in each of these programs – maximum 30 youth.  Each program will take 30 minutes plus travel time to get to and from the station.  Consider what your group wants to participate in during the 4-hour Beaveree event time.  You may not be able to see and do it all. To allow as many Groups as possible access to these specialised programs, Groups who would like to participate have the option to choose Hug a Tree OR Learn to Fish but not both.

Spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Send your first and second choice for session times with your registration form to

Hug a Tree and Survive - Hug A Tree and Survive is an Adventure Smart program to help children understand what to do to NOT get lost, what to do to be safe if they DO get lost, and how to help searchers to find them more easily. This program includes a short video and provides the participants with some essential safety items for their emergency safety kits.  Station will be held upstairs in Keego Kitchen.


  • 10am - 10:30am

  • 10:35am - 11:05am

  • 11:10am - 11:40am

  • Lunch (11:50am - 12:30pm)

  • 12:35am - 1:05pm

  • 1:10pm - 1:40pm

  • 1:45pm - 2:15pm

Learn to Fish – Learn to Fish staff will provide hands on, structured learning about freshwater fishing.  Rods and lures provided.  Station will take place on the wharf at lakefront.


  • 10am - 10:30am

  • 10:35am - 11:05am

  • 11:10am - 11:40am

  • Lunch (11:50am - 12:30pm)

  • 12:35am - 1:05pm

  • 1:10pm - 1:40pm

  • 1:45pm - 2:15pm

When: Saturday, May 27, 2023

Where: Camp Barnard, 3202 Young Lake Rd., Sooke

Register: Email this registration form to 

Camp Barnard

What is Beaveree?

Artists of Beaveree Beaveree group photo
Beaveree lunch Beavers outstanding in their field  


For any new Scouters who do not know what a Beaveree is – well – it is a big celebration – get together for all the Beaver Colonies from Victoria and across Vancouver Island get together for the day.  We plan a day of community stations to come to the camp so the Beavers come and walk around with their colonies and can participate in various activities from playing with Lego to bouncing on a huge bouncy castle.  There are anywhere from 25 to 30 activities for the youth to participate in during the day. We plan it according to a theme that is picked so we can plan crafts and costumes.

Local organizations that come share in the fun & provide interactive educational & cultural activities, in an outdoor super fun themed day. All stations are volunteer run by community & multicultural organizations. Bouncy castle, Dunk Tank & tug of war!

Dress for the weather (hat, sunscreen, running shoes, light coat)


We need to borrow 10x10 shelters for use during the event, if your group can spare a shelter for use at Beaveree please advise Kim at We will need them on site Friday night or very first thing Saturday morning, they’ll be available to take home as soon as they’re taken down at the end of the event.

Currently we are in need of volunteers!

  • Youth volunteers (Scout and older) to help at the face painting station (and temp tattoos too)

  • Adult or Venturer and older volunteers for welcoming vehicles and directing traffic/parking on the morning of the event.

  • if a member of your group is interested to volunteer for one of these jobs, please send their name and contact information with your registration form to


Quick outline what’s required (details will be provided closer to the day):

Face Painting Station

  • Ideally there will be at least 3 volunteers at this station all throughout the day. We have one in place already.

  • Be available to do face painting from 945 to 230 pm on the day - 30 minute break at lunch

  • Set up and take down of the station

  • Have all supplies necessary on the day and have practiced several face painting styles.

  • Face paints and brushes/sponges – event planning team can purchase ahead on behalf of the station volunteers or the volunteers can purchase and be reimbursed.



  • Ideally there are at least 2 volunteers for this  (Adults or older youth)

  • Starting at 745am ish for a debrief with Kim, then cars will start arriving by 8am but all will likely be parked by 915-930 when the event starts. 

  • High vis vests must be worn – will be provided

  • Must be willing to approach car windows as necessary and smile and welcome them to Beaveree, must be able to communicate with the other parking volunteers about how full the lots are getting, issues that come up etc.  (cell phones are ideal) Will be provided a station list and map.