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Vancouver Island Wolf Howl


Planning Meetings

Our meetings are Sunday evenings at 7pm over Microsoft teams – all remaining meetings will use this link. Everyone welcome!

  • April 7th

  • April 21st

  • May 5th

  • May 12th

  • June 2nd camp review

Where is Wolf Howl?

Cub Packs are invited to come to the front country of picturesque Camp Barnard just outside of Sooke BC. (3202 Young Lake Rd). Packs are encouraged to invite their White Tail Beavers to join them as a linking activity provided their Scouters can maintain ratio for their youth. This is a great time to introduce any Beaver Scouters who might be coming up to the Pack soon to what Cub camp is like.

When is Wolf Howl?

Held on May 24th at 6pm until 11am on Sunday May 26th, Wolf Howl hosts Cub Packs from all over Vancouver Island and sometimes from the mainland too. It has traditionally been held on the same weekend as Spring Challenge but this year they are on different weekends. After camp we would like your feedback on whether this was beneficial to your Pack or if it made things more challenging.

Packs will travel together through a handful of stations; some will be challenges, some will be skills, others will be games. We will have 2 Wide games that groups may opt into. Meals will be provided. New this year, we will have outdoor covered seating for the meals, so everyone gets to eat at the same time. Please come prepared with a song, skit, and cheer to share at campfire on Saturday night.

We have both cabins and space for tenting. You will be asked to indicate a preference, but your placement is not guaranteed until you hear from Wolf Howl staff.

UPDATE: What do you want to do at Wolf Howl?

The Cubs have spoken, our stations will include a food-based challenge, a craft, fire lighting, shelter building, an obstacle course, canoeing (still searching for lifeguards for the Beavers), and some team challenges.


Registration is now open and closes April 15th.

Get your Pack’s registration in by March 31st to take advantage of the $5 discount. The cost per participant increases from April 1st to April 15th


For any changes to your participant list please email

Groups are responsible for bringing a First aid kit and sufficient First Aiders to support their Pack as per BP&P


Cub Packs will register their whole Pack. Do NOT register individual Cubs.

Whole weekend Participant (Cubs, Beavers, Scouters, parent helpers attending with the Pack

  • $52.50 ($50 plus $2.50 GST) until March 31st, and

  • $57.75 ($55 plus $2.75 GST) after April 1st

*Includes a camp crest, all activities, Friday night mug up, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and mug up on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday morning, and your site fee for two nights.

Saturday only Participant (Cubs, Beavers, Scouters, parent helpers attending with the Pack)

  • $36.75 ($35 plus $1.75 GST) until March 31st, and

  • $42 ($40 plus $2 GST) after April 1st

*Includes a camp crest, all activities, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and mug up

OOS (Offer of Service) $0

Every group is asked to send a volunteer to help with camp. Volunteers may be part of the program team, the kitchen team, or first aid. The sooner we know who these volunteers are the better. Volunteers may be a Scouter, a senior youth, or in some cases a parent helper (subject to Scouts Canada screening policy)



6:00pm: Check in opens; set up

8:00pm: Subcamp campfires

8:00pm: Scouter briefing (1 from each section)

8:30pm: Mug up

10:00pm: Bedtime

10:30pm: Lights out



7:00am: Breakfast

8:00am: Opening

8:45am: Station 1

9:30am: Station 2

10:15am: Snack

10:45am: Station 3

11:30am: Station 4

12:15pm: Lunch/free time

1:15pm: Wide game

2:00pm: Station 5

2:45pm: Station 6

3:30pm: Snack

4:00pm: Station 7

4:45pm Station 8

5:30pm: Pack up your last station

5:30pm: Group challenge

6:30pm: Dinner

7:30pm: Formal campfire

8:15pm: Mug up

9:00pm: Official program end; Scouter debrief



7:30am: Breakfast

8:30am: Pack up

9:30am: Clean up assignment

10:30am: Scouts' Own

10:40am: Closing

11:00am: End of Camp


Offers of Service needed!

We are urgently looking for some more volunteers if you are interested in any of the roles below, please contact


Foods team

Team lead – Ideally has Food Safe and camp kitchen experience – plan the menu, coordinate the ordering of food, and liase with registration team to ensure all dietary needs are incorporated

Kitchen lead (2) – Has Food Safe, is the lead for each kitchen and manages the team within that kitchen

Kitchen volunteers (6) – do not require Food Safe, but should be guided by those who do. Prep, cooking, serving, and clean up of their assigned kitchen


Life Guard (2) – Certified Life Guard to ensure the safety of youth canoeing – required by Scouts Canada Swimming Standards for Beaver Scouts on the water.


Interested in volunteering as an Offer of Service? This is a truly fun camp and we’d love to have you with us – send an email to and we’ll be in touch!

*Includes a camp crest, Friday night mug up, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and mug up on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday morning, and your site fee for two nights. OOS may camp with the other volunteers or with their own section.





When: May 24, 6pm - May 26, 11am 2024

Where: Camp Barnard, 3202 Young Lake Rd., Sooke

Register now!

Camp Barnard