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First Aid Standards


Scouts Canada is committed to fun, safe adventures. Every Scouting adventure requires an emergency response plan, which will include first aid and emergency medical care coverage. We believe that everyone involved in Scouts Canada activities should be prepared to provide emergency aid. Our goal should be for every youth to be appropriately competent in emergency aid to others. Particularly for Category 2 and Category 3 adventurous activities, youth should be prepared to respond to emergencies. This is part of our goal to prepare them for success in life.


Our Standards

  1. The Group Commissioner approves all first aid requirements and reviews risk management plans for all camping and outdoor adventures.
  2. First aiders must provide a copy of their certificate or have their current certification recorded in their profile in the membership database.
  3. Names of the individuals designated as first aiders will be listed in the emergency response plan.
  4. There shall be a minimum of one qualified first aider (Standard First Aid) at every activity, including the normal meeting place, where there are fewer than 25 participants. Scouts Canada recommends (but does not mandate) two first aiders in the event the first aider becomes the injured party.
  5. There shall be at least two qualified first aiders at every Category 2 and Category 3 activity where there are fewer than 25 participants.
  6. In all activities where there are 25-50 participants there shall be at least two qualified first aiders and one additional qualified first aider for every additional 50 participants.
  7. The Scouter in Charge shall ensure that all activities and meetings shall have first aid equipment appropriate for the activity.
  8. For all activities there must be a method and plan for emergency communications at all times.
  9. For Category 2 and Category 3 activities not at the normal meeting place and are more three hours travelling time from a medical care facility or access route that can take an ordinary road-going ambulance, there shall be at least one designated first aider holding a current wilderness first aid certification.
  10. For all Category 2 and Category 3 activities, the risk management plan must be discussed and approved by the Group Commissioner.
    • First Aid requirements are approved by the Group Commissioner as part of the Camping and Outdoor Adventures Applications procedure.
    • The Group Commissioner may require additional First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aiders commensurate with the activity risk.
  11. Where Scouts, Venturer Scouts, and Rover Scouts are participating in activities without Scouters, the same standards for first aiders apply.
  12. Scouts Canada recognizes standard First Aid training or equivalent that is recognized by provincial health and safety authorities.
  13. Scouts Canada recognizes that some professions, by the nature of the job, will have a first aid element, for example; Nurses, Midwives, Police Officers, Medical Practitioners, Members of Armed Forces, Ambulance Care, etc. These professions may be exempt from undergoing more first aid training – subject to approval by the Group Commissioner.

Related Policies & Standards



Scouts Canada recognizes the following agencies as authorities in first aid:


Effective Date

September 1, 2019


Effective Date

March 2, 2019

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