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Council Team

Scouts Canada’s programs are delivered through different regions throughout Canada, and Cascadia Council governs the region of B.C. and Yukon, minus Vancouver and Fraser Valley.  Since you are located somewhere in B.C. or the Yukon, you are part of Cascadia Council! 

Learn about the Cascadia Council team, who we are and how it is managed.

Cascadia Council Service Team

Council Key 3

Cascadia council is operated by the Council Key 3 (also known as the CK3), which is comprised of two volunteers (the Council Commissioner and the Council Youth Commissioner) and one employee (the Scouting Relationship Manager). 

The CK3 work as a team overseeing the operations of scouting in Cascadia, supporting all our scout groups and volunteers. The CK3 oversee and work with a team Relationship Managers who act in similar fashion of account managers. The RM's are comprised of both volunteers (Group Support Scouters) and staff (Scouting Relationship Managers). Each scout group is assigned a Relationship Manager, who works with Group Commissioner, group committee, and section scouters to ensure scout groups have all the tools and support they need to run safe and fun adventures for our youth!

In addition to providing direct support to scout groups, The CK3 also work with our scouters in various roles to improve our resources, communications, and best practices. Our primary concern is the ensuring our scouters feel secure and supported in their roles to offer memorable adventures for our youth.  The CK3 are responsible for supporting the start-up and continued growth of our local scout groups. We provide guidance and support on youth safety and adventure planning. The CK3 are also key stakeholders and the primary organizers for scouter development training held in various cities around the council.  

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Jennifer Hannah

Council Relationship Manager


Council Youth Commissioner


Davy Greenlees

Council Commissioner 

Council Directory

Role Name Email Address
Group Support Team
Scouting Relationship Manager supporting Cascadia Krystal Reid
Scouting Relationship Manager supporting rural and Island BC  Sherin Bamji
Scouting Relationship Manager supporting rural and Island BC Dyanna Pfenniger
Group Support Scouter Nicolas Griffin
Group Support Scouter Ross Benton
Group Support Scouter Davy Greenlees
Council Functional Support Team
DCC- Communication Chantelle Cutting
DCC-Marketing Robin Sutherland
DCC-Program Support Becca Stephen


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