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Congratulations to this years Chief Scouts Award Recipients

Each year, scouts across the country go above and beyond to achieve something truly miraculous. They serve their communities in ways that were often thought of as unimaginable. As a sign of thanks, we honour these youth with the Chief Scouts Award, an award only given out to a handfull of youth across the country. This year the Pacific Coast Council is honoured to bestow this award on 41 youth. Each and every one of you have done what it takes to show your commitment to scouting and for that we want to aknoledge you. Below, you will find a list of the youth achieving their awards this year.


Abir Virani
Alina Rajwani
Insiyah Dharsee
Mattin Alizanda
Nadia Simmons
Rodrigo F. Carlson
Serena Sayani
Sophia Hirani
Zaayed Hajiani
Cooper Brosgall
Jose Fernandez
Alicia Zhou
April Choo
Juno Furey
Kylie Ng
Lily Yingzhu Chen
Alexander Boettcher
Eric Han
Jereni Du
Leo Wang
Olivia Wong
Eshan Kherani
Mikyle Jaffer
Chris Wong
Franklin Wu
Vincent Li
Edmond Yang
Isis Wong
Kendrick Phu
Matthan Lee
Paxton Cheng
Forrest Tong
Christopher Lai
Garrett Fuller
Horace Yuen
James Thom
Jan Warning
Matilda Jones
Riley Fenton
Benjamin Ellerton
Danny Li


The Chief Scouts Award is no small achievment. Each of the above named recipients on top of their award have also been awarded 4 credits towards the elective portion of their secondary school transcript. We thank you for attending the event and we look forward to seeing you at council events in the future.

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