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Off the Canadian Path - The Case Of The Missing Scouter

October 15, 2021

Dear Pack, Troop & Company Scouters,


Please come to our Hallowe’en Escape Yard event: 


Off the Canadian Path:

The case of the Missing Scouter


A group of Scouts has gone to Camp Whispering Leaves only to experience a number of strange events:  items moving to dangerous locations, missing bacon - the horror!, and disappearing tools.  Scouter Watson left for a short hike to try to discover what was happening, but then he disappeared too!  In a panic, the Scouts rushed back home, but sent this SOS email to YOU.  Everyone knows your group has some of the smartest, wisest, code-cracking kids around.  Only YOU can solve the mystery at Camp Whispering Leaves and save Scouter Watson.  Please say you will come help us!!




Monday, October 25th to Friday October 29th:  start times from 4:40pm to 7:40pm

Saturday October 30th:  start times from 3pm to 6:40pm


We invite you to book teams of youth (ideally 3-5 on a team) to go through the escape yard at 20 minute intervals.  We are aiming for the experience to take each team approximately one hour as they move through 4 separate problem solving spaces.  Never done an escape room before?  Expect to try mazes, puzzles, riddles, and search for clues.  Open locks, traverse a mine field, and much much more!



4690 Blenheim St .  (In the Dunbar area)


Entrance to the event is off the back alley and groups can gather in Balalcava Park, which also contains washroom facilities.



Entrance is by donation either on-site or by sending an e-transfer to  The 25th Dunbar Scouts are raising funds for a planned trip to the Yukon in July 2022.  We thank you for your support!



Each space will be large enough for your team to physically distance.  Surfaces will be wiped down while the “rooms” are reset between teams.  Our Scout hosts will be wearing masks, and we recommend that you do the same.  Like any Scouting event, we request that participants complete a COVID screen before attending.



If you are excited and ready to sign-up, please use the link below to book your times.  Don’t forget to sign up for enough spots for each team (likely at least one time slot per patrol or lair).   Scout and Guide groups booking until Friday October 17th to help you book blocks of times together. 



Curious how we will accommodate a range of age groups?  We will have hints available (with a slight time penalty) for those who are stuck and extra bonus puzzles to solve for the super speedy!  Is your group a little competitive?  You will be able to check out the online leaderboard for each section!  Bragging rights are at stake!


We hope you will appreciate the attached posters created by some of our Scouts to promote the event.  This is just one indication of the work our youth are putting into this event.  We hope you will join us!


Yours in scouts,

The 25th Dunbar St Philips Scouts

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