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Scouts For Life Campaign Kickoff!

October 31, 2021

The Scouts For Life Blood Drive got off to a good start this past weekend with several Scouts and some relatives coming out to donate blood at the Canadian Blood Services Oak Street Location.  Eli Adrian, the amazing Rover organizing the blood drive, Council Commissioner Cathy Hauen, Council Relationship Manager Simon Evison, Scouter Paul Hoskin, Scouter Mike Dean and Scouter Graham Ballantyne were among the Scouters donating on Saturday.  
Please remember to get out and donate blood to save a life.  There is a critical shortage due to Covid-19 and we are coming up to a heavy accident season and we need you to come out and donate to help save a life.  Just register with Canadian Blood Services online to book your donation appointment and when you do, please remember to sign up to the Scouts Canada-BCY team under "partners" so we can count your donation.  Every litre of blood you donated during 2021 will be counted! 
Go to Canadian Blood Services and register, then become part of our team by joining Scouts Canada - BCY under “partners”. Here is the Step-by-Step video tutorial of how to do that.  
Have you already donated or will be donating blood soon? We have a badge for you! To request a Scouts for Life badge please fill out this short form: