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SK Cuboree

We are very excited to be putting together a SK Cuboree this year! Scout Troops & Venturer Companies will be putting on this event for Cub Packs (White Tail Beavers are welcome as a “linking opportunity”). This event is open to both registered & non-registered youth. An excellent opportunity for recruitment if you have the capacity / ratio in your section. Different this year is that we are hosting this event twice — at Good Spirit Scout Camp (Jun 2-4) and at Anglin Lake Scout Camp (Jun 9-11). This decision was made based on feedback given by the cub packs who attended the last three provincial cub packs. Travelling long distances with cubs is difficult. Scout Troops & Venturer Companies will be planning the activities together and different teams will run each camp. The bonus is that it gives you two date options, as well as location options — choose what works best for your group! This is short notice this year — but we wanted to get it going again. We are using the same template as previous years, and have people involved in the planning at each location who are familiar with the provincial cub camp and the locations, to help ensure our success. We need your help in ensuring this event is a success — so please do the following to help us process the information quickly.

Please read the Registration Instructions before you register. You can send any questions to:


Registration for Cubs and 3rd year Beavers


OOS (Offer of Service) for Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Scouters


2023 SK Cuboree Camp Locations

Good Spirit Lake Scout Camp

June 2 - 4


Good Spirit Lake Camp is located in a deciduous forest in Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park. The lake is excellent for canoeing and canoe instruction. The water is shallow and there are many sheltered areas. There are excellent hiking opportunities in and around the camp. The site has some unique features such as sand dunes at the south end of the lake.

There are four winterized buildings: three bunkhouses (one, which sleeps 30, was built in 2012) and another building with some office/storage, and sleeping spaces. There is also an outdoor cooking/dining shelter. Drinking water has been subject to recent issues in the past 3-4 years, it is advised to bring your own if you can. Check with the park on water advisories before coming.

The lake is good for swimming due to its shallow bottom, however there is a lot of debris in the lake from years of agricultural use. It is advised that if you are swimming near the camp to wear water shoes.

Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Camp

June 9 - 11

Located approximately 65km north-west of Prince Albert in the Great Blue Heron Provincial Park.

It is an incredibly beautiful camp set in the amazing northern boreal forest.  It is situated on the lake. This camp is staffed by the Saskatchewan Service Corps  otherwise known as "the Corps".  There is no limit to the adventures you can have in this phenomenol setting. Programming is provided based on your interests.  You come self contained for gear & food.  This camp has been in operation since the early 1960's and has always been youth-led.

We invite you to come and experience!