Du 29 mai au 18 juin, 2024

Élisez votre représentant votant au conseil entre le 29 mai et le 18 juin, 2024!


Qu’est-ce qu’un représentant votant au conseil?

Scouts Canada est une société créée par une loi du Parlement et tient, au besoin, une assemblée générale annuelle (AGA). Il existe des exigences statutaires spécifiques pour une AGA, notamment l'approbation des états financiers, la nomination d'experts-comptables pour l'audit de l'année suivante et l'élection des dirigeants et des administrateurs. Afin d'assurer une représentation juste et ouverte de nos membres à l'AGA et à toute réunion spéciale, trois représentants votants sont élus chaque année pour représenter chaque conseil.

L'un des trois postes de représentants votants est réservé à un jeune membre, mais il convient de noter que les trois représentants votants d'un conseil peuvent être des jeunes membres. Tous les membres âgés de moins de 27 ans au 1er septembre 2024 sont définis comme des jeunes.

L'Assemblée générale annuelle de cette année devrait avoir lieu en novembre 2024.

Tous les membres de Scouts Canada nés en 2010 peuvent être nommés membres votants et peuvent voter pour les représentants votants de leur conseil.

L'élection se déroule en deux étapes :

  1. L'appel à candidatures était ouvert du mardi 16 avril au mardi 14 mai 2024.
  2. Le vote, si nécessaire, est désormais ouvert jusqu'au mardi 18 juin 2024.


Les déclarations des candidats

Bill Kowalchyk

My name is Bill Kowalchyk and I am writing to request your support in my candidacy as a Council Voting Representative for Battlefields Council to the Scouts Canada National AGM.

I first joined Scouting as a Cub in 1976 in Burlington, Ontario and remained involved through Venturers, earning my Chief Scout's Award along the way. After a 10-year hiatus, I returned to Scouting as a volunteer in 1996 – returning as a Pack Scouter with the same group I was involved in as a youth. This is now my 28th year as a Scouter and through the years I have worked with primarily with Pack and Troop, with a few stops at Colony and Company. While maintaining my involvement at the section level, I also recognize the need for volunteer participation and leadership at the Council and National levels. I have been involved behind the scenes as a Group Commissioner, Deputy Area Commissioner, Area Commissioner, and Deputy Council Commissioner. As a member of Central Escarpment Council, I was a voting representative in 2005 and 2006 and I was most recently a voting representative for Battlefields at the 2017 and 2021 AGMs. From 2017-2019 I volunteered for a term as Deputy National Commissioner for Program Services and am now working with 6th Dundas in Battlefields Council where my youngest children are youth members.

At the National level, I was part of the Program Revitalization team for the Scout Section and was a part of the team which developed the Personal Achievement Badge system. While I am a strong supporter and believer in the Canadian Path program, as a Section Scouter I fully appreciate the challenges Scouters have faced in transitioning to that program.  In my role as Deputy National Commissioner, I was part of a team of volunteers and staff that brought forward the Canadian Path Navigator to help groups with their program transition and was also part of the development and launch of the Woggle e-newsletter to help provide tips and resources to Scouters.

I live in Dundas with my wife and three children and have worked in Quality Engineering in the automotive parts industry for over 25 years. I am very excited to be able to share my love of Scouting with my adult stepdaughter (involved in the program through to Rovers) and two sons (both Scouts) who are active and enthusiastic members of Scouts Canada.

I believe in strong partnerships between grassroots volunteers and staff support within Scouts Canada.  I feel that with my background and experiences in Scouts Canada at both the Council / National level, and most importantly at the section level, I would be a good representative of the members of the Council and would be honored to serve as a voting member for Battlefields.

Dave McIntosh

Dave McIntosh has over 20 years experience as a member of Scouts Canada including youth membership in colony through crew. He is a Chief Scout recipient and enjoyed everything from winter and hiking competition camps to week-long canoe trips and Canadian Jamborees. As a Venturer he was an active executive member of the Venturer Fun Council (VFunC) in Central Escarpment organizing various youth events and maintaining monthly meetings. As a new Scouter he advised company and crew to create popular annual Venturees and Moots. Settling in the Battlefields Council with his wife and three children he is presently an eager Scouter with his daughter’s colony also serving as Administrator on Group Committee. 

Dave is a Professional Engineer of Ontario working as a Systems Engineer towards Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy. On a daily basis he exercise discipline of thought on problems with many considerations while working with the federal government and international partners. This experience qualifies him for the role of Council Voting Representative.

Elizabeth Cleaver

My name is Elizabeth Cleaver, and I am putting my name forward as Youth Voting Representative for Battlefields Council.

I am a third year Scout and Patrol leader with 1st Hamilton West Mountain, currently working on my Chief Scout Award which I plan to have completed this fall. I have thoroughly enjoyed Scouting so much that I have been volunteering as a KIM with the Cub Pack in our section since last fall.

I am the English speaking Co-Prime Minister for my grade 8 class, and I have been active with my school’s ECO team for 4 years (including spokesperson for grade 7). I have been a part of various organization at school including the lead (Mr. Scrooge) in the school play A Christmas Carol, bible reading competition, math challenge as well as sporting teams. Although I did not make the Sr. girls volleyball team, I was the team’s cheerleader and helped to motivate and encourage our team at every game. Many of the above-mentioned activities include talking in front of students, parents and teachers as well as weekly morning announcements.

Last summer I participated in a LIT program for Scouts Canada at Timber Trials Camp “Camp Adventureland” and will be going back this summer as a SIT to continue to work with kids while exploring the outdoors and working on my leadership skills.

Last year I was part of the L.E.A.D Recess Program – Linking the school – Energy on the playground – All Play – Dynamic L.E.A.D.ers. This program is a leadership training program designed to create a strong school community through play. It helps create a positive recess experience. It focuses on building strong social skills and creating a place of belonging through the games we play.  It does not focus solely on physical activities but finds a solution for the social and emotional interactions that occur on the playground and into the classroom. This year I am a mentor to the grade 7’s who are the L.E.A.D Recess leaders.

Some of my hobbies include reading, watching and singing musicals, and playing with my dog Cooper.

I know from my work within Scouting, School, and Extracurricular activities I would be the perfect candidate to represent, and be the voice, of the Youth for this position.

Thank you for considering me. 

Nicholas McCoy

Hello, my name is Nicholas McCoy, I am in my final year of ventures with the 26th Hamilton Scout group and I am applying to be the Battlefields council youth voting representative.

A little bit about myself, I have been in scouts for 13 years starting as a 1st year beaver and moving through all the different sections. In my time I have filled many positions with the group. Outside of ventures I have been a captain on my football team for 3 years and I have also coached JR Football. Another thing about me is this year I became a member of the Canadian Armed Forces successfully completing my basic military qualifications. If you ask anyone one of the things they will tell you is how much I love scouting and how it is one thing that I am passionate about. Throughout my time in scouting I have been given multiple opportunities to help and support all the levels of youth at my group from beavers to ventures and I have really enjoyed being there to help all the youth and now I hope to be able to do this on a larger scale and help speak for the youth around battlefield council. Scouting has let me make a lot of friends and memories and connected me with people I never thought I would be friends with and I consider scouting one of the best parts of my life and I hope I can help make it so other people get the same experiences that I have had and get the most of the program that we all love.

I think I am right choice for youth council voting representative because I have held many leadership positions and positions where I have spoken on behalf of youth. In my own group I help with our beaver colony helping plan and run meetings and camps and making sure the beavers have a great time at all activities. When I was in scouts I was the troop leader for 2 years and then in ventures I have served as the venture president for another 2 years speaking on behalf of my troop and company to the scouters and representing people with different opinions views and beliefs on how things should go well making sure that I helped everyone come to an agreement so that we could all have the best possible time at our camps and in all the activities we did as a group. In this role I also helped with the planning of all camps and weekly meetings making sure that they ran well and without issues. A second role that I have is head of JR staff which is basically a youth staff that helps with camps from all the programming and activities to running the kitchens and making sure food is ready on time. In this role I organize and represent youth aged from there 2nd year of scouts to there final year of ventures and I help plan everything to do with the camps well deciding where to put the people that volunteer so that they are in an area where they are best and and where they can most enjoy there time whether it be a cabin counsellor or in the kitchen or at programming I help make sure everyone gets the most out of there time well having the best time that they can have. I also wasn’t always in charge of JR Staff I started out as a cabin counsellor for 3 years before moving to the kitchen for 2 and then becoming in charge of the kitchen and of the whole of JR staff responsibilities for another 2 years where I have successfully managed to keep everything running smoothly well managing the the group that is on JR staff  and representing them and there interests in the application process the planning process and then the time well we are at camp and all working together and with the scouters.

I hope all of these things show you why I am a good candidate to vote in as the battlefields council youth council voting representative, as I believe with the skill I have gained from these previous experiences that I will make a good choice to represent you and all youth around battlefield council if I am voted in as our youth council voting representative.

Thank you for taking the time to vote.

Michell Plested

Fellow Scouters,

As part of my nomination, I’ve been asked to provide a few words about my Scouting Journey for your review.

I have been a member of Scouts Canada, serving within Hawkwood/Citadel 214 Scouting since 2004. In that time, I have had the pleasure of working with all sections – from Beavers through Rovers – as well as in the Group Committee.

As a Scout Advisor, I been the contact Scouter for several sections. I have taken groups to Pacific Jamboree, Canadian Jamboree and World Jamboree. Specifically at the Venturer Level, I have led many youths through the Duke of Edinburgh Award as their Award Leader since 2012.

As a member of the Group Committee, I was Group Administrator from 2014 through 2019 and I now serve as the Group Commissioner (beginning in 2019 to present).

Those are the facts I can tell you about myself. But who am I really?

Like many of you, I joined Scouts Canada when my youngest child - a son - first joined the program. Part of joining was because he demanded a support system at first. Part of it was also because, I was there, I might as well help out.

I had the privilege of watching him, and many others, grow up in Scouts to become fine young adults. I was fortunate to work with many wonderful people and learn new skills myself. I’d like to think I have prospered along with the youth I’ve worked with.

When my son decided it was time to move on from Scouts, I was at a crossroads. Should I follow him out and retire from the program? Or, as my heart kept telling me, do I stay with Scouts? Retiring would have been easy; I saw many of those wonderful Scouters come and go during my time, many of whom are now dear friends. I missed them and the fun we had together.

But I saw the impact the program can have on our youth. I saw how a shared belief could ripple through a crowd at World Jamboree. I felt that I could still make a difference in our youths’ lives.

So, I stayed on and continue to work diligently to make that difference. This is just another step in that journey. I hope, that by offering to be a Council Voting Representative, I can help give voice to both our combined struggles and successes and help to keep Scouting relevant and forefront in people’s minds.

Thank you for your time and attention. 

Ron Planden

Fellow Scouters, my name is Ron Planden and I am seeking your support as a voting member for Chinook Council. 

As an active member since 1991 and a past Council Voting Representative, I have seen many changes to our organization.  However, regardless of the changes or the current strategic plan, the bottom line for Scouts Canada has been the delivery of a program which lives up to our mission statement: “To help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.”  It’s a very simple statement that has a large impact and for the most part, we as Scouters have been able to deliver on this.

Scouts Canada’s Board of Governors introduced a Strategic Plan 2021-2024 with four pillars: 1) strengthen core Scouting program; 2) engage Canadians in new ways; 3) be inclusive and pursue Indigenous Reconciliation; and 4) unlock the values of our assets.  As it is now 2024 it is time to take stock of this strategic plan, review its successes and examine shortfalls.  The gathering of this information is critical for the Board of Governors (BOG) as this will form the direction Scouts Canada will take moving forward..  The Council Voting Representative (CVR) has a critical role in gathering information from our members and ensuring the BOG understand what issues are at the forefront.

For any strategic plan to be successful, there is a need to have continued input from the general membership.  The communication on how well initiatives are or are not working is key.  Scouters running program have a feel for what is happening in their community and how changes to strategic plans may affect them or how new program is working or what is being told to them by the parents of their Scouts.  This information needs to be communicated back to the Board of Governors so it can make the appropriate decisions and course corrections to the strategic plan.  This does not happen in isolation.

Though the pandemic may be over, we still face challenges and will for many years to come.  It will take us time to rebuild our membership and time to focus on the pillars of the strategic plan.  We may not see Scouting as we did in the “before times.”  Our polices, standards and plans will have to reflect this reality and must be done in consultation with the membership, Indigenous Peoples and Canadians in general.  CVR’s are there to help gather and communicate the issues and concerns to the Board and management.  The CVR is meant to be the voice of the membership and moving forward, to find ways to bring to the Board issues from outside the organization.  I feel strongly that this is an important and significant role.  If Scouting is to stay relevant it must nimble and forward thinking.  The forward thinking comes from all parts of the organization with one of the conduits being the CVR.

The role of the CVR has changed. Greater emphasis is being placed on creating avenues of communication with members, Council Key-3’s and the Board.  This role is evolving and will better serve our members, improve engagement and ensure a truly democratic process.  To be able to continue to support our membership in all of these areas I am standing to be elected as one of the voting members for Chinook Council.  

Our mission is simple: “To help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.”  As a CVR I will continue to support our youth, our Scouters and Volunteers, to make sure that their concerns and issues are communicated and to ensure that there is a dialogue to build understanding within Scouting.  Our organization, as many other high functioning organizations, will only grow through continuous improvement.  I look forward to being part of that process.

Timothy (Tim) Fountain

I am going to start where it all began, 1977 in CFB Petawawa in Ontario. My mother and sister were in Girl Guides and my mother saw that there was a new scouting section for my age, and I needed something to do with all my energy. Into Beavers I went and had a blast! My father was in the military, we moved roughly every 4 years. I started cubs in CFB Moose Jaw, SK, though it did not work for me, so I left after a few months. We moved again to CFB Greenwood in Nova Scotia. I was at that age where making new friends was getting harder, so my mother suggested I give scouting another go. I joined Scouts and made lots of news friends. With this group I was able to attend a few jamborees (CJ’85, ScotiaJam’87 and WJ’88 in Australia). It was also at this time that I became a Scouter in Training, helping the beaver and cub sections. It was time to move again, this time to Regina, SK. I joined venturers and continued to help with the scouts’ section when needed. I made a few lifelong friends here and enjoyed some memorable adventures at Wilderness Rendezvous. When I was done high school, there was another move to Yarmouth, NS that I did with my parents. Once we were settled, I joined the local scouting group as a Rover and once again worked with the Beaver and Cub sections. Funny fact is one of the beaver scouters that I worked with was one of the scouters from when I was in beavers. We were at a camp and she saw my campfire blanket with my beaver necker and badges from Petawawa. My scouting journey was put on pause around 1996 for a few years.

We fast forward to 2009 and my nephew who I had custody of is demanding to join beavers (he has seen all my scouting items) as we are in front of some youth selling apples. After discussing with my wife, he and I joined the local group in SW Calgary, the 207 St. Patrick’s Scout Group. Our first year was me getting back into the groove and learning what had changed since I was last in. The second and third year I was the contact colony scouter. We also talked my wife into joining as well (she saw all the fun we were having). We moved up to cubs with him and I was the Akela for the first year and a bit. I stepped away from Cubs to take on the role of Group Commissioner (did not want to be with just one section as I would fill in with any section when needed). After 2.5 years, I became the area commissioner for Southern Trails West and learned a lot from the role. When my time was up, I moved on to become the Deputy Council Commission for Marketing Events. I had a knack for promoting scouting, and my role was to look for and attended various volunteer fairs or events. Our big event was the Calgary Outdoor and Travel Show, where our booth was busy with both potential participates and former members telling us of their adventures. I moved from this role to Council Support Scouter, assisting with communications, which I am still helping with to this day.

A few other tidbits about me are that I am that strange scouter who enjoys the paperwork and administrative parts of events. I have been helping with the Scouter Walt Invitational Soap Box Derby since my nephew was in Cubs. I also assist with The Great Escape event and any other events I can. I was on the MarCom team for CJ’13 and helped with MarCom for WJ’23 (did not attend the event) as I was OOS for the Haarlem Jamborette. I am looking forward to attending PJ’24 as OOS, so if you are there come visit me at the trade shop.

I am looking forward to supporting scouting and Chinook Council if I am successful in becoming one of the Council Voting Representatives for Chinook.

Samuel Munro (Y) Acclaimed

Andrew Dallas

My name is Andrew Dallas and I have been a member of Scouts Canada since 2001.

Throughout my time as a member, I have served as Scouter and contact Scouter in all of the 5 sections as well as group committee and group commissioner.

Over and above these roles I have been part of an area service team for company and crew, FVC recognition (Nicomekl Area), FVC trainer, 21st BP Guild (currently past Guild Master), CVM,resource person with Girl Guides of Canada - Fraser Skies Area and cook for the BC Moots. I have attended 2CJ's, 3PJ's, 1WJ, 9 BC Rover Moots. Currently I am the Camp Chair of PJ24.

Providing service to others and being a strong voice for youth has always been and continues to be a high priority in my roles. I am honoured to be involved with the older youth, who I feel are some of the best educated and who can envision the current state and future of Scouts Canada. I see them being the best part of the future of this organization and feel we must listen to them and involve them at every step.

Over the last year I have become better versed as to how a Provincial Jamboree is set up and runs, how the conversations are important working closer with our national staff and to develop the partnership. This has allowed me to be a better Scouter and gives the opportunity for discussions with the older sections as to why certain decisions are and need to be made with Scouts Canada.

Whether I am selected to return as a voting member for FVC or not, I will continue to ask the hard questions and bring up the tough topics when attending meetings, in person or in virtual meetings. I will continue to push for answers and especially where youth involvement and youth voices need to be heard and supported as well as the adult membership. 

Tony Nathan

I am asking for your vote to represent you again as a Council Voting Member for Fraser Valley Council.

Combining youth and adult experience, I have been in scouting for over 25 years. As a youth, I progressed from Beavers through Cubs, Scouts and into Venturers and then in my 20s volunteered as a sponsor’s representative on Group Committee for two years.  After that role, I left scouting, but not the outdoors. When my oldest son came home with a Scouting flyer from school, I volunteered as a Scouter. His younger brother followed him into Beavers, and as they have moved sections, I have moved from Hawkeye to Akela to Troop Scouter and Company Scouter. In addition to section roles, I have Group, Council and National experience. I am our Group’s Quartermaster and I interview new/prospective scouters. At the Council level, I have presented sessions at Woodbadge 1 courses, volunteered at two Pacific Jamborees, I am a Troop Support Scouter in the Fraser Valley Council and worked to present the Troop Kickoff Camp at McLean for the past three years. At the National level, I have been a Council Voting Member for Fraser Valley Council since 2022, attend the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting, and I serve on the Scouts Canada nominations committee for National Youth Commissioner, National Commissioner and board members.

I have developed skills in youth and in scouters, and have learned new skills from youth and from fellow scouters.  I never grow tired of the joy I feel when a new skill “clicks” for someone — I know they will carry that in their life skills toolbox for the rest of their journey. When working on a team, I strive to communicate respectfully and clearly and also to listen to others’ ideas, perspectives and experiences. 

Jennifer (Jen) Hatton


I am running for this position because I have a desire to learn more about how Scouts Canada is run, to be able to receive and relay feedback between Youth and National and to give back to an organisation which I feel gives me so much. I have been a Colony Scouter for two years and have seen firsthand with my own children the benefits of time spent in Scouting. The mission of Scouting is to give youth the tools and experience to become the best possible people they can, and I think that the things I will learn and do in this position will help me further that goal in my own special way. As a newer recruit, I feel I can bring different ideas and approaches to the table, but am also eager to learn as much as I can to ensure that the Youth of the Fraser Valley Council are well represented within the Council and at the National level. 

Alan Vas

My name is Alan Vas and I am currently a Venturer with 15th Sudbury in Northern Ontario. I have been in Scouting for around 11 years and can confidently say that I have found my place and a family within the Scouting community. I started my Scouting journey in beavers where I unfortunately don’t have many memories of the time. However, I do remember switching over to 15th Sudbury and making lots of friends. I feel like the time spent in Cubs was the most influential for me. At the time school was sort of an afterthought that didn’t require much work to get by in, so Cubs was an excellent source for expressing myself. I put in a lot of effort into my badges around this time and was able to receive all of my stars (before they changed the system). Moving up to Scouts was quite the change of scenery, and as I progressed to Venturers I kind of just hit cruise control. Thankfully, my Venturer experience has been pretty eye opening and has allowed me to truly enjoy all aspects of the program itself. With all of this I believe that I would bring a positive impact to the CVR position. I have personally experienced many parts of the Scouting journey that I both love and hope could possibly be improved. While I may not be in those age groups now, I do think I have a general understanding of what the youth of today want out of Scouting. Along with this I feel that I have the capability to carry out the duties prescribed by this role. One aspect of this is managing my time efficiently. As I am always on the move with topics like Scouting, school and work always interfering with plans I have gradually gained the ability to better manage my time and become more efficient in my work. This combined with my excellent communication skills that I have learnt to expand with other Scouting events like the Youth Summit in Montreal, make me a great candidate for this position. I have seen time and time again, that in Scouting certain ethnic groups and other groups feel excluded from programs like Scouting. I think that with this role I can help make changes that encourage people in all marginalized groups to pick up the amazing activity of Scouting. With this I also provide the insight of a member from the Northern Ontario Council who is quite spread out. While the council area is quite large, with this role I feel that I can add to a discussion on how to make people in these secluded areas feel more included with the program. All of these qualities are what I think would make me a great option for the CVR position for the Northern Ontario Council.

Carson Lawday

My name is Carson, and I am a rover who has been in scouting for nearly 14 years in North Bay, so I am a committed, knowledgeable, active member of Scouts Canada. In the past I have been an Area Youth Commissioner, and during this term there was increased youth leadership training in my hometown of North Bay and great scouting friendships were built between adjacent areas. I am a chief scout, program support scouter for Northern Ontario, and trainer for advanced scouter development (formerly Wood Badge pt. 2) in White Pine council. Throughout my time as a youth, I have been to the Canadian cub Jamboree, the Canadian Jamboree, the World Jamboree, and the 2022 Finnish Jamboree. Nowadays As a rover with North Bay Scouting, I enjoy going on canoe trips in the local area to explore the natural environment.  

I am a first-year university student studying political science at Nipissing University, so I am interested in policy and our local contributions to national policy to improve the experience of everyone with Scouts Canada. As the youth voting representative for Northern Ontario, I will be committed to voting on protocols that target the improvement on key issues facing our council such as recruitment of youth and scouters, volunteer support, program quality, and more. I intend on supporting Scouts Canada measures ensuring the growth of the program and the support of the volunteers which make the program happen. The ultimate goal of my term is to ensure the necessary conditions for helping to develop well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world are in place for years to come nationally and for our council.

Ellanor Ferguson

Hello everyone! My name is Ellanor Ferguson.

I have been in scouting for the past 5 years, and before that, I was a girl guide for 3 years. The second I attended a scout camp as a guest, I knew it was exactly where I belonged, and within the week, I had begun meetings with a local group. Nowadays, I am a venturer with 15th Sudbury and will be continuing next year with Northern Ontario Rovers. 

I have always been very interested in meeting new people and learning about scouting in different areas. This curiosity has led to some wonderful friendships within Canadian scouting, and scouting around the world.

In September I will be attending Carleton University in Ottawa, where I will be completing a bachelor's of Global and International Studies with a specialization in Global Migration and Transnationalism. I am fluently bilingual (English and French) and am currently learning Spanish. 

I believe that as a youth member and a girl within scouting, I can provide valuable insight and suggestions on council happenings. Back in 2022, I served as the youth council voting representative for the Northern Ontario Council, however, due to the pandemic, it was all held on Zoom, and I felt as though I could have made more of an impact in person. 

I would be beyond grateful to rejoin the team this upcoming year as a council voting representative and make a meaningful impact within scouting.

I appreciate your consideration.  

Joshua (Josh) Campbell

I have been in scouting since I was 6 years old when I joined as a beaver, now at 18 years old I am still an active member of Scouting as a Rover with Northern Ontario Rovers and also as Deputy Council Youth Commissioner with Northern Ontario Council.

Last year, I also had the incredible opportunity to be a Council Voting Representative for my council. I got to attend the AGM where I was able to actively participate in decision making as well as meet and make meaningful connections with members of all ages.

I have gone on some amazing adventures with Scouts and I have been given the chance to meet some incredible people from around the world.

As DCYC, I help my Council Youth Commissioner run our Council Youth Network and I am able to make meaningful connections with youth within and outside our council.

As a youth member I have a different view on how I can benefit the youths and volunteers of the council.

I am also fluently bilingual in French and English because I was brought up in a bilingual household. I am also a student at the University of Ottawa where I study International Economics and Development.

I have a lot of passion and drive when it comes to working with youths and volunteers within Scouts Canada.

I hope to be able to represent my council again this year as a CVR and help out where I can.

Jason North

"North" for Northern Ontario Council Voting Representative

Dear Scout Members,

I am honored to present my candidacy for Voting Representative for the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).

My journey in scouting began 1 year ago when I first joined 1st Wawa Scouts. Our Group Commissioner (Shannon Murphy) and myself successfully restarted our Group from a 15 year sleep. Since then, I have been actively involved as the Group Administrator, Cub Pack Contact Scouter and member of the Better Programs Design Team.

Throughout my time in scouting, I have had the privilege of working with diverse teams and individuals, learning from each interaction and fostering a spirit of inclusivity and collaboration. I believe that by embracing our differences and working together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and create a stronger, more united scout community.

I am dedicated to upholding the principles and ideals of scouting, fostering a culture of inclusivity and excellence, and ensuring that our organization continues to thrive and make a positive impact in the lives of our members and the broader community.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve as Voting Representative and humbly ask for your support and trust in this journey together.

Anthony (Tony) Hillier

My name is Tony Hillier and I'm in my 18th year as a Scouter in the Newfoundland and Labrador Council. Throughout the many years I've been a Scouter I have come to realize that the organization operates on young, well-trained, committed volunteers. These volunteers need to enjoy their role and feel success in their day to day interactions within their scouting sections, and their groups.

In my work life I am an educator. I believe Scouting is not just another activity for youth. It is a very important activity for youth that compliments what they are doing in their schools. My years in scouting has given me many opportunities such as: section scouter in all sections; group commissioner; and leadership roles at the Area, Provincial and and National levels. Currently, I sit on the board of the Newfoundland and Labrador Properties Inc. and I am a Service Scouter with 1st CBS Scouts Group, mentoring scouters in the Woodbadge II program.

Since the pandemic, Scouting has seen an increase of membership. New groups are sprouting up across the province. Scouting is in the midst of a great opportunity for unprecedented growth across the country. That growth has to be supported by well trained confident volunteers. I am sincerely interested in being a voting member at the Scouts Canada Annual General Meeting in November because I am genuinely interested in helping to foster a bright future for the scouting movement in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jeff Hilyard

Embarking on my Scouting journey at the age of four, I never could have imagined the incredible adventures and lessons that awaited me. From first reciting the Beaver Scout promise in 1988 to volunteering as a Section Scouter, my journey through Scouting has been a testament to the values of camaraderie, skill-building, and community engagement.

As a youth member from 1988 to 1998, I was able to enjoy many things that I never would have experienced without Scouting. Now as a parent and Scouter I get to share these experiences with my children and other youth.

Beyond the campfires and camps, I am deeply involved in initiatives that uplift and empower our communities. As a Program Coordinator at the Murphy Centre, I work alongside a dedicated team to pave pathways for marginalized individuals into the province's dynamic tech sector. Additionally, I proudly serve on the Board of Directors for Thrive CYN and as Chair of Community Care Mount Pearl, where we combat food insecurity through innovative initiatives like our "little free pantries."

In 2023 I had the privilege to be elected as a Council Voting Representative and represent the NL Council at the 2023 AGM. There I got a chance to meet other dedicated Scouters from across the country and share ideas and feedback with other Scouting members, Scouts Canada employees, and the Board of Directors.

If entrusted with your support once more, I will work to amplify the voices of our Council members. I want to give everyone in the NL Council a chance to provide feedback you want brought forward at the 2024 AGM. I would do this by working with the other Council Voting Representatives to create a survey to collect your feedback. Together, we can bring these concerns to the forefront, ensuring they are heard by the highest levels of leadership within Scouts Canada.

I humbly ask for your vote and the opportunity to continue this journey of service and growth with you. Thank you.

Chris Parsons

My name is Christopher Parsons and I have been in Scouting for over 35 years. I am from Mount Pearl and still currently reside in the city with my family. I started Beavers when I was 5 years old with my mother and my aunt as Scouters and continued right up through the movement to Venturers. Scouting has been an important part of my childhood and I am very grateful to be able to give back to the organization which taught me so many life skills and outdoor skills. 

Growing up in Scouting, I was given many opportunities to get outside, meet new friends, camp, and build on talents and interests along the way. By the time my friends and I were in Venturers, we had camped outside in leantwos, completed our Wood Badge II training, and were volunteers with younger sections. As my Venturer company continued to have meetings, camps, and outdoor adventures, we also assisted with Cuborees and Beaverees for a few years, attended Provincial and Canadian Jamborees as youth participants, and stayed connected all throughout our young adult years and even still today.

I am a father of 3 children and with my wife, we have all played a role in the Scouting movement for the last 16 years within 1st Topsail Scout Group in Conception Bay South. Our son joined during a “Bring a Friend” night to Beavers and I have been active ever since as a Scouter. As my son went up through the sections, I went along with him. When my first daughter was of age, I signed back up as a Beaver Scouter with her while also being a Scouter in Venturers with my son. Together, the 3 of us would attend Beaver meetings and this continued into Cubs until my son graduated high school and moved out in 2020. When our youngest daughter joined Beavers, I returned as a Beaver Scouter again with her to experience the movement with her like I did when my other children. Today, I am currently a Scouter with Scouts, Cubs, and volunteer with Beavers as a Scouter when needed. I have taken on the role of equipment maintenance within our Group and have been willing to help wherever I can.

I am looking forward to being able to represent Newfoundland and Labrador as a voting representative in this upcoming Scouting year. I have many years of experience within the movement and am willing to listen to all Scouters and give them a chance to express their concerns and feedback. I will ensure that I engage with Scouters in conversations throughout the year to fulfill this role to the best of my ability. I can be easily reached by phone or email and would not mind getting the opportunity to interact with Scouters and youth as much as possible. Thank you for your time and condensation. 

Anthony Bolland-Duggan

I, Anthony Boland-Duggan of the Newfoundland and Labrador council believe that I could serve as a Council Voting Representative. I believe that I have the skills and experience needed to take this position and help to improve the program for my fellow youth. I have lots of experience in leadership positions such as being the president of my venturer company and a volunteer with younger sections which I believe would be beneficial in this position. This past May I was given the amazing opportunity of going to Montreal to attend the national youth summit as one of three youth that were there to represent our council which was a huge learning experience of how Scouts works in the bigger picture. I was able to gain so much knowledge from that event to bring back home which lets me make suggestions to improve the program. I have also been working with our Council Youth Commissioner, Zoey Healey to begin to establish a Council Youth Network which would bring together youth across the province to give all the different groups a voice in what happens. Being able to get more involved with this organization is something that I strive to accomplish, every time I have an opportunity to grow and develop not only myself but this program is an opportunity I will take. I think that if I am voted in as Council Voting Representative I could truly help to better our organization as a whole. Scouts has been a part of my life for over a decade at this point and I would love to take on an even more active role then I already have. I would be honored to represent our council during any meet or event that comes up, as well as helping to include the voice of the youth more than ever which, in my mind, is something that we can never have enough of. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Chad Hiscook

Hi I am Chad Hiscock, I have lived and breathed scouting since a very young age and without scouts I would not be the person I am today. I joined the movement in 2014 as a Cub and have moved on to become a current venturer. I have also been a pack scouter where I helped youth achieve the experiences I once had. I have been to 3 Provincial jamborees the most recent of which I was an Offer of Service and have attended two venturer YLT Camps of which the 2023 one I was on the planning committee for. Right now I am the vice president of 1st CBS venturers company and Group Youth Commissioner for 1st CBS.

Recently I got to attend the Scouts Youth Summit in Montréal where I got to be involved at a larger scale, and learn some of the skills needed for leadership and communication in all areas. While in Montréal it was all about youth-led leadership; learning to be heard, being an advocate and being a strong representative of what the scouting movement is. I want to see youth of all levels have influence on the council.

I would like you to vote for me and aid me in my goal of developing stronger youth leadership at our council level. I would also like to see more council wide events, especially ones organized by the youth of the province. Scouting at the senior sections becomes a social thing, one of the most fun things I can remember of my childhood is jamboree and the most fun I’ve ever had in my life is YLT and I would like to share that with as many youth in the province as possible. 


Issac Hobbs

Hi, my name is Isaac! I am a 14 year old in grade nine at West Kings High School, in Auburn Nova Scotia. I love to volunteer with scouts, and my local food bank, really anything that makes a positive impact on my community. I love music, especially some of the programs I am involved with at my school such as the only drumline in Nova Scotia, and our school's band and jazz band. And if I asked my friends to describe me in one word, the more prominent answers would be smart, positive, and enthusiastic. 

I am the troop scout of my scout group, we only have six people, so a small troop, but a mighty one. I am also a youth scouter and if needed I help out with cubs and beavers camping, increasing our capacity. I have been a scout and cub for the past five years heading towards six since I moved to Kingston. I was a howler first only for a year and moved up to scouts for the past four years. Of my time with scouts I am certain these years helped me grow as a person and shaped me to be who I am today. So I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to take my stance on scouting to a national stage.

Rhys Beiko


I Rhys Beiko from 6th Sackville group Nova Scotia. I would like to be a part of the national election in Canada and this is why I fell that I would be a good choice for representing the youth in Nova Scotia. I have been a junior leader one year but i started scouts from the age of five. I am a leader for the cub group officially but in reality I never spend two nights with the same section and therefore I get to know how scouting is for every age group, I particularly am with the cubs and beavers. I have also I have also assisted the Nova Scotia conseil and represented my group along with the youth in scouting at the last conseil meeting. Scouts is something i hold I hold very dear to me and has made a large positive affect on my life and i believe that it can do so for many others.

Thank you 

George Mawko 

May I count on your support to represent Council members nationally? I am Scouter George, a past Group Commissioner and current Treasurer at 1st Woodlawn in Dartmouth.

Why myself?

  • 27 years of Scouting experience;
  • Scouted in Colony, Pack and Troop Sections in Nova Scotia Council;
  • Supported and served the membership on many levels:
    • in Area (Dartmouth Deputy Area Commissioner or DAC Colony, DAC Training & Area Commissioner);
    • in Council (Nova Scotia Deputy Council Commissioner or DCC Training & DCC Volunteer Development);
    • in Council as the 2020-21 Nova Scotia Council Voting Representative;
    • in National (National Training Advisor, Wood Badge II Revitalization Team Member, National STEM Team Lead, Better Programs Design Team Member); and
    • at World Scout Jamborees or WSJs (International Service Team at WSJ 2007 - England, WSJ 2011- Sweden, & WSJ 2019 – West Virginia).

My philosophy?

I strongly believe that Canada's future relies on the younger generation of Canadian youth. Therefore, our primary focus is to provide them with a positive program experience and establish an inclusive environment for both our youth and their Scouters. We aim to create a nurturing space where they can thrive and develop to their fullest potential.

My edge?

I am driven to seek new experiences, challenges, and leadership opportunities in order to positively impact others.

My commitment?

As your council voting representative, I would like to leverage my background and experience in Scouting to help improve our program. I strongly believe that every youth should have the opportunity to experience it and believe in their ability to make a difference in their community. I am committed to ensuring that as many youths as possible can benefit from this amazing program.

Once more, I am asking for your support in the upcoming election. Please don't hesitate to email me at george.mawko@scouts.ca if you have any questions. 

Wayne Hall

To whom it may concern,

I have been a member of Scouts Canada for over 40 years as both a youth and an adult member.  I currently wear several hats, but the one I enjoy the most is that of pack Scouter. I feel  this role is a privilege and an opportunity. As a youth member I was very fortunate to have Scouters that were generous with their time and their knowledge. These Scouters had a huge impact on the person I grew to be. Over the years there were many opportunities to learn new skills and visit new places. It may sound a little corny but a lot of the skills and values i was taught as a youth have served me well in both my personal and business life. I hear many comments about the young people of today and not all are positive. I see my role as Scouter as an opportunity to coach and mentor the young people in my group and make a positive impact in my community. Scouting also has a role to play in helping our newest Canadians to assimilate into the Canadian landscape. At PEC we have been fortunate enough to have several families join our group and we have been enriched as a result.

Scouting today is not the program it was when I was a youth and nor should it be. The world has changed, values have changed, traditions have changed. The role of Scouters is to share our life experiences and skills so that our youth can make informed decisions about their life path and what they want their version of the world to look like.

Rick Wasson 

My name is Rick Wasson and I am running for one of the Council Voting Representative positions for the New Brunswick Council.

I was fortunate to be able to have experienced awesome adventures through Scouts Canada programming from Colony through Crew (and I learned lots too!) The program helped me to become more well rounded and set me up for success, both in and outside of Scouting which is why I am so passionate about giving back to the program. I have been a Scouter for multiple sections, held multiple group roles including as Group Commissioner, and I am a Group Support Scouter. I have worked with our youth to plan and execute some awesome adventures and have organized multigroup adventure camps.

I am passionate about our mission: To help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. I believe that getting our youth outside to experience great safe Scouting adventures is the way to do this. While we are fortunate to be seeing some of the highest membership growth in Canada, it is important that we are growing our base of great Scouters to prevent burn out and ensure that we continue to have great programs so that our youth are having great adventures and are developing the skills to be successful. Some of the benefits of the growth are the excellent multigroup camps and activities around the province throughout the year giving our youth lots of opportunities to have great experiences as they interact with youth from different groups.

We need to find ways to ensure that the Scouter volunteer experience is positive including interactions with Scouts Canada. This will include improvements to the onboarding process to ensure that our new Scouters have the tools to be successful and also ways to streamline and make the process more engaging. We need to do everything that we can to ensure that we can enable more excellent adventures for our youth including providing good tools to easily and effectively be able to make things happen - minimize red tape and maximize great safe Scouting adventures!

We are fortunate to have some great Scouts Canada properties in our council. We and Scouts Canada need to support them more effectively ensuring their long term viability which ensures that Scouting youth have places to have those awesome adventures!

I look forward to representing the New Brunswick Council. Thank you for your consideration.

Teghan Grey

I have been in Scouting since I was 5, I am now 13 (14 in 12 days) and looking forward to attending PJ '24 in July. I am currently working on my Cheif Scout Award project with some of my fellow Scouts. I enjoy being involved in Scouting with my family and being able to help by voting on things that could affect Scouting in New Brunswick would be great. Thanks for the opportunity to be more involved in Scouting in my province by representing us at the National level as a youth voting member.


Daniel Gray

As an extremely active Scouting Family, I would like to have an opportunity to vote and make sure NB is represented at the National level. I have been involved in Scouting since I was 5 years old (42 now!) only taking a break from when I started College, until when my oldest Son (Teghan Gray) turned 5. It was then that I started as a Beaver Scouter in the now-defunct Steeve's Memorial. I have moved through the sections as the main leader of each, and I am now the GC for 1st Jones Lake, as well as a Troop Contact Scouter & Pack helper. I truly love giving back to the youth in those roles. I fully believe Scouting made me who I am today, and I want to give the same opportunities to today's youth as I had.

I want to represent NB Council in decisions at the national level, ensuring that the Council is in mind when decisions are being made. I want to push for MUCH more volunteer recruitment and development here, and how training is offered/administered. I think we need to consider making an in-person training option available, as I know for a fact we lose great possible volunteers to the digital training requirement, as some people just can't do it. I think we also need to find ways to minimize costs to our families, the increases in fees WILL decrease memberships, guaranteed & I want to ensure that New Brunswick has the same level of support for our Council as they do in other parts of the country.


Ciaran O’Connell Cooper

Hello reader. How do I start something like this, I was just told to sell myself and convince people of why I should have this role if it comes to a vote. Well my name is Ciaran, and I am 15 years old (pronouns: any I suppose) I have been a part of the 3rd and 7th Fredericton Scouting group for more than 11 years now so, more than two thirds of my life. I am currently a Venturer with the 3rd and 7th Fredericton Venturer Company, where I am the treasurer and also communications officer, which entails helping the rest of the company use Scout Tracker. I am also a Scouter with the 3rd and 7th Fredericton Scout Troop.

I attended the scouting youth conference (National Youth Summit) in Montreal that the Council Youth Commissioners put on earlier this year, where I got to know many youth reps from across the country. Thus, I'm somewhat up to speed on what's been going on in national recently and understand more than most about how the higher levels of this organization work. I learned about the importance of putting the ‘out’ in Scout, and the process of Say Yes to encourage Youth Led programming.

I feel that due to all this, I am in a good position to be a voice for the youth of New Brunswick Council for Scouts Canada. I would like to use this position to advocate for diversity and inclusion. All are welcome at our campfire and so on.

Any questions?

Jasper Tattersall

Hi I am Jasper Tattersall from 3rd and 7th Fredericton and I have an interest in being a voting representative for the New Brunswick council. I’ve been in scouts for as long as I could be, starting in kindergarten and currently a fourth year scout in grade 9. Scouts has been a big and great part of my life. Along with all the program areas, I love the outdoors, especially sleeping under the stars next to a fire with friends. My normal week consists of Scouts, MMA, Ventures and Cadets giving me a good understanding of groups and people. My skill set is vast, I love to learn new things and understanding why things are the way they are is important to me. I am looking to be a part of Scouts Canada on a national level and I believe this is a great way to get started. I look forward to learning about how this position contributes to the greater good of Scouts and networking with people from across the country. Thanks for your consideration for this position.

Greg Peach

For those that do not know me, my name is Greg Peach. I joined Scouting as a Cub in 1976 and went all the way through the program to Rovers. I transitioned into a Scouter with Troop in 1987 and became Troop Scouter in 1990. I have lived in Barrie since 1993 where I was a member of the District Service Team, District Training Team and Assistant District Commissioner for Rovers. I have been a Group Commissioner and am currently a Group Support Scouter, Crew Scouter and part of the Council Leadership Team. I am proud to say the I am a 3rd generation Scouter and my son Adam, who has achieved his Chief Scout, King Venturer Award is a Colony Scouter and is currently a Rover, is proudly carrying on the tradition!

Why Am I telling you all this? I strongly believe that my background in Scouting and my ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape makes me an ideal candidate to represent the members of Shining Waters Council at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM).

I have been honoured to represent Shining Waters Council this past year as well as in the past as a voting member and believe that the coming year will continue to be key in keeping Scouting viable in the present situation we are all in. While many feel that the AGM is just a rubber stamp event, I am able to tell you that it is not. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for your voice to be heard and as a CVR, I can take those thought and ideas and present them directly to the Board of Governors for their information and consideration. Many grass root initiatives get their start at such venues as the AGM and it is the perfect platform for all to be heard

Thank you for your consideration and I hope that you can support my bid to represent you throughout the coming year as well as at the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

Adam Peach

Hello everyone, my name is Adam Peach. For those that have not met me yet, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am currently a Rover with 1st Kempenfelt Bay. I started off in Beavers in 2010 and have been an active member ever since. Some of my roles have been a Patrol Leader, Troop Leader and Group Youth Commissioner and I am also a Colony Scouter with 1st Kempenfelt Bay. I have also been a member of the Core Urgency Team, Proud Scouter Moments, Outreach and Mobilization as well as a number of other teams and committee's. I have earned my Queen Venture Award, Chief Scout Award, Order of the Silver Key and the Medal of Maple along with several Letters of Commendation, as well as working towards my Duke of Edinburgh.

Through Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and now Rovers, I have been able to experience incredible opportunities that would not have been possible without Scouting and that is why I am so passionate about it. I've had the opportunity to meet people from around the world and have seen first hand how they put their own spin on scouting. But I've also had the chance to speak with many people around the council through countless events and activities. Through this, I've been able to see what works and other things that may need to be changed or modernized. I feel that this gives me a very good understanding and the ability to speak with you and be able to share your ideas as your next Council Voting Representative. 

I believe that there needs to be a better communication bridge between the youth, front line Scouters and National and I feel that I can help with that.

Thank you for your consideration I look forward to discussing Scouting ideas with you soon. 

See you on the Canadian Path. 

Ed Porasz

I have been a Scout Leader for 30 years, starting out as Akela for 5 years, a Leader in Cubs for 4 years, 15 years as Section Leader for Scouting, and the last 6 years as a support leader in Scouting.  All three of my sons have gone through the Scouting program with both myself and my wife helping all of the youth go through the Scouting program.  During my 30 years of experience, I concentrated my efforts towards the Cubs and Scouts, having been asked many times to help in the organisation of Scouts Canada, I gratefully declined, so I can spend my time and energy with the youth.  The experience of being able to be with the youth, teaching, guiding, and encouraging them through the Scouting program was an honor and a pleasure. 

I am a Professional Engineer and now that I have sold by Engineering Consulting firm and retired, I will have more time and energy, and I would like to offer my experience and expertise to the organization of Scouts Canada to help the youth and the program that they will go though.  I am hoping to help with being part of the voting process, and with other aspects of Scouts Canada as the opportunities are available. 

Scouting has been a significate part of my life for over 30 years, while always trying to live by the Scout Motto, Law, and Promise.  I am passionate about Scouting, and I am also an avid camper, mountain biker, and skier. 

Thanks, and I hope to help in the voting process within Scouts Canada. 


Zach Knowles

Hi, my name is Zach Knowles, I am a Rover Scout with the Barrie Phoenix Scout Group. I have been a member of Scouting since 2010 when I joined as a Beaver.  Over the years I have been to many jamborees, CCJ16, CJ17, PJ19, & most recently I went to Kandersteg International Scout Centre in July 2022. In the Fall of 2022, I started the Barrie Platypus RoVent Alliance, a Joint Venturer Company and Rover Crew comprised of the Company’s and Crews in the Barrie area, we meet monthly for business and fun stuff, as well as camps. A problem that I have identified at least in our area is every year there seems to be less Venturers moving up from Scouts and more Venturers leaving the program, as a CVR I would want to work towards retaining youth especially in the senior sections and getting youth engagement up.

Andy Tran

Dear Members of Shining Waters Regional Council,

My name is Andy Tran. I am the Company Secretary for the 4th Midland Venturer Company, a Contingent member for Pacific Jamboree 2024, Blair Atholl Patrol Jamboree 2024, and Essex

International Jamboree 2024. During my childhood, through the dark years of the pandemic when others thought of it mundane, I have been with 1st Maple Cubs, 1st Bradford Scouts and 4th Midland Venturer Company. On my international adventures, I have been a member with 1st Copper Cliff, 1st Cochrane, 63rd Windsor, and soon this summer I’ll travel with 1st Wolfville from Nova Scotia.

I believe in a future – where the Earth is cared for by our future generations who are disciplined, outdoors-oriented, kind, cheerful, considerate, and wise in the use of all resources. Scouts Canada is the quintessential foundation that allows every youth to develop these skills from a young age. The program has granted me the ability to develop beyond the confines of school hours into a strong and able-minded adolescent with a perspective and dream that exceeds the boundaries of most youth.

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” I firmly believe in this quote; my life was truly blessed with the Scouting program and its opportunities for adventure across the globe. From leadership in the face of hardships to hardcore survival experiences, the person I am today is the person that the Scouting program built from the ground up.

I believe that I possess an expansive skillset that I have had the privilege of developing. From learning at a young age that patience mattered as my carefully aimed chop from an axe met the mark on a resilient piece of lumber, to the mastery of teamwork under the beating sun as we guided our canoes by foot through a shallow stream in Algonquin Provincial Park, there is no shortage of vital life skills that came as a direct consequence from my time in the program. Lacing hiking shoes – a lesson about taking the time to perfect the minor details; washing dishes for the troop – a lesson about initiative and responsibility; running the task of a Patrol Leader, a lesson about leadership and teamwork despite the odds; devising the plan for the next camp – a lesson on organization and planning skills.

  • In Scouts, every minute is a new lesson, every task is designed with purpose. The learning of these skills is something I very much would like to highlight in my time as a CVR, ensuring the focus on the development of youth through hands-on field application.
  • As Thomas Edison once said, “I haven’t failed, I have simply found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”, it’s our ability to learn, adapt, improve, and continue forwards that matters. While others may be morbidly crushed at the sight of failure, I tend to approach with a three-dimensional perspective in a manner where I embrace failure, utilize it fully to empower and enlighten myself. Without a doubt, I feel this is a very important skill to master early on as we face failure in all forms as life goes on.
  • I would like to take some time as well to focus on the enshrining of the youth beyond the local setting, to the wider scales of travelling. As Scouts, we must give our youth the chance of explore the world their way and blaze their trails. Since the culture and media today push an agenda of ‘follow the leader’, we must give our youth the chance to be independent and understand the world in a clear and inclusive view.

Progression is the pathway to the future and the laying of the road to success. The great spirit that binds all of us in love with our king, God, and country is the same bind that allows us to forge our way to the next day, our next challenge.

Today, I take it upon myself to fulfill the commitments I made to myself so long ago, in giving back to the program that made my childhood. Being a Youth CVR, I take my first steps in developing my sense of self-advocacy, practicing my judgement and communication skills, and most importantly, being a role model to my peers that a Scout can and should go beyond typical weekly meetings and camps. 

Looking forward to a new agenda year of success. 

Randy Abrahamson

I am honoured that you are taking a moment to read this. We need members like you that take the time to support our organization.

Over the years I’ve worn many hats since I joined Scouting and been involved in a number of different areas. I’ve been a leader in all of the sections, I’ve been a group commissioner. I understand our camps by attending Wilderness Rendezvous for 10 years. I understand the challenges of our properties by being involved at Anglin Lake and with Saskatchewan Service Corps for 12 years. I was a member of the training team when we had one. Now I’ve been a council voting representative for a few years.

As a council voting rep, I not only vote officially on business, but I get to participate in some discussions. Hopefully these conversations in a small way improve our organization, nationally, and here in Saskatchewan. 

I will be pleased to be your representative again and would be honoured to get your vote. 

John Balbar

My name is John Balbar but if you ever found yourself in McLean, Saskatchewan, oddly enough you would only have to mention “Scouter John” and there would be a good chance you could find me. Perhaps even some of you who are reading this might know me. These days I’m mostly called Scouter John.

I grew up on a farm just outside of McLean and honestly, there wasn’t an hour that went by when I was in the house. If I wasn’t stuck doing farm chores I was out in the fields or trees looking for anything and everything I could find. There wasn’t a day that didn’t have some kind of adventure. For most kids growing up in our community during the 80’s there were opportunities for Hockey, 4-H or Scouts. Honestly, there wasn’t enough money in the world to pay me to skate around in circles chasing a black puck. That is almost as bad as golf!

I did enjoy 4-H but I always needed adventure and I was able to find that in the 1st McLean Scout group. I started as a Beaver and went all the way through the program to the end as 1st year Rover. There was so much we did in those groups that narrowing it down to one favourite thing is really hard. But I can say all the stuff I learned and experienced, the places I got to visit and see, all the campfires and the friendships I made; they were all because of Scouts. It had such a positive impact on my life and I am grateful to all the parents that volunteered to make that happen for me.

My wife and I started being Beaver leaders 1st McLean group  when our son, Nathon was of age to join. They needed new leaders and I was convinced it would be a good opportunity to teach what I had learned. At first I was a little reluctant because life already felt so busy but in the end we joined up and started to help. After a little mentoring and introduction to be a leader I became addicted. I fell right back into the whole Scouting world all over again and this time I have been able to join with my wife and four kids on this adventure. This will be my 8th year as a leader.  Once again I have moved through the whole program and I am bouncing somewhere between cub and scout leader. All my kids will be involved this September.  We will be involved in every section.

My goal when starting as a leader was to make sure my kids and all of the kids that are involved got the same, if not better adventures that I had had from the program. I want the kids to leave the program thinking of all the growing they did over the years. I want them to be able to look back and be proud they were a Scout. I often wonder how the leaders before me did such a good job and sometimes I wonder if I am doing as good a job as they did.  Then week after week, camp after camp, the kids faces tell the tale. Their smiles and laughter remind me that it is working. The spirit of Scouting is becoming a part of them, too.

As I had my coffee this morning, I had this thought, the thought of  the day if you will:

No matter what!
I can find comfort in the idea that today is a new day.
A new day in nature is always a new opportunity.
In the wild, opportunities are equal to all for nature will always carry on as if nothing has affected it and nothing has happened.
Nature has no burden of time.
Nature worries not of tomorrow.
I am nature and nature is me.
Together forever we will be eternally free. 

Julianne Robbins

My name is Julianne Robbins. I am a 1st Year Venturer with the 2nd North Battleford Venturer Company, a 3rd year with the Saskatchewan Service Corps, a 2nd year Youth Scouter with the 2nd North Battleford Beaver Colony, and am Saskatchewan’s current Youth Council Voting Representative (this year was my first). Having been a Beaver, Cub, Scout, and now starting Venturers, I have completed 11 years of registered Scouting and I have been awarded the Medal for Good Service, the Medal of the Maple, and the Chief Scout Award. This year, I have taken on several leadership roles as a Venturer - in my home group, with the Corps, and as a CVR.

In my home group, I coordinate and lead our Company meetings and events and I record/ review the adventures in Scoutstracker and in our Whatsapp chat. I also provide ideas and help plan weekly Beaver meetings. I regularly attend Group Committee meetings to ensure that the Company’s ideas are heard and that information is relayed back for review.

This year, I was named Camp Director of the Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Scout Camp. As such, I am responsible for coordinating the SK Service Corps member meetings and for directing the team in carrying out all of the duties needed to run and maintain the camp. I often get the opportunity to meet and talk with people from various groups around the province and to find topics of interest that I can relate to. Having these conversations help my ability to understand where others are coming from and to learn about the experiences they have.

Because this was my first year as CVR, I was still getting used to the role but after attending the Scouts Canada AGM and the National Youth Leadership Summit, I do feel more informed and prepared to handle the National level. I am also excited that I am beginning to connect with a lot more people in the Council and be recognized by more people by attending several events and camps with groups from around the province.

As a French student, I am proud to be able to communicate with and understand French members. I was able to speak with the members of l’Association des Scouts du Canada (the all French counterpart to Scouts Canada) at the Youth Summit in Quebec.

By being re-elected as Council Voting Representative, I would continue to present the ideas and concerns to National and return with solutions and changes discussed. I also hope to change the perception of the role of a CVR because after talking to others at the AGM and the Youth Summit, there seems to be a severe lack of knowledge as to what this role entails and what its value is - even in “higher ranks”.

Thank you for your consideration of my nomination. 

Kendra Nelson


My name is Kendra Nelson and I am interested in becoming a voting representative for the Saskatchewan Council. I look forward to the opportunity of representing people of Saskatchewan Scouting through my vote. I currently live in the Battlefords with my husband and our three kids, aged 3, 5, and 8.

I started in Scouts Canada in the 90s as a Beaver Scout, now I'm a Scouter with the 2nd North Battleford Group with kids in the program! I am currently a member of our Group Committee and try to help out wherever needed, focusing a lot of my personal efforts on our fundraising initiatives. I think my experience moving through the program as a youth, volunteering as youth, becoming a Scouter, and as a Scouts Canada parent is a unique combo and would make me a great person to hold the position. I think I hold a healthy position of keeping Scouting traditions alive and changing/expanding the program to adapt to the changes in the world we are living.

Professionally I am trained as an EMT and decided to go back to school full time to pursue Psychology. I enjoy everything about the outdoors and our family loves camping/hiking, skiing, winter and summer sports, as well as crafts and other artistic activities. I especially love gardening in the summer and getting out on the water in my kayak. In my “free time” I volunteer with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program in the Battlefords and am on the board Preschool as the treasurer.

I was grateful for the opportunity to be the Youth Commissioner for Saskatchewan and enjoyed being a part of the National team. I am passionate about the youth-led Scouts Canada program and looking forward to developing and maintaining a quality program with leadership training opportunities for youth and scouters alike.

Thank you for considering me as an applicant. 

Rachel (Rae) Vogelsang

Fellow Scouters,

I am going into my first year of university in the fall and will continue to incorporate scouting into my life for decades to come. I have been involved in Scouting for eight years as a scout then working my way up to Rover, Venture advisor and Beaver Scouter this past year. I see the value in Scouting and have personally witnessed how it has shaped me into who I am today and for that I am grateful. Scouting is more than an organization; it is a community; a family. There are so many wonderful people I would never have had the privilege to call my second family over the years. They are irreplaceable and I owe it to Scouting. I have a strong sense of our scouting identity here in Saskatchewan and I understand how we are different than larger councils and have different needs and values. When voting or contributing my opinion at the national level, I can promise you that I will have the youth of Saskatchewan’s voice heard. As a voting member, it will give me the opportunity to further advocate and serve my Saskatchewan Scouting family.

As the outgoing Council Youth Commissioner for our council after four years of service, I am applying for the role of Youth Council Voting Representative because I wish to still actively contribute to my scouting community. Despite coming to the end of my term, I feel as though I am not yet done with my scouting beyond group level and wish to continue to make a difference. Over the past four years I have met so many passionate Scouters throughout the province and would love to continue establishing connections and building friendships. I have experience in group, council and national levels of Scouting and I am a well-respected youth in all these settings. I understand Scouting in a variety of lenses that is an asset in representing Saskatchewan Scouting at a National level. Even just through my time as Youth Commissioner, my peers and I have truly put Saskatchewan on the map as a strong council, who brings something to the table just as much as a larger, more prominent council. By voting for me, you will certainly have a strong Saskatchewan youth voice at the table, and I will represent you with pride.

Cam Thomas

From 2019 to 2022 I served as a voting delegate for Voyageur Council. With the emphasis on change in Scouts Canada, I would like to offer my service as the voting delegate for the Council again this year. I have been an active member of Scouts Canada for the past 63 years – 10 years as a Cub, Scout and Venturer and 53 years as a leader with groups in Oakville, Toronto, Kingston, Kincardine, Manotick and as of five years ago, Kemptville. My involvement as a leader has always been at the section and group level. I am also on the Haliburton Scout Reserve Camp Committee and one of the original members of Scout Eh.

The voting delegates have a formal role (to vote at the annual general meeting for board members, etc.) and an informal role – to act as a liaison between members of the Scouting movement and the Board of Governors. Voting delegates have no authority to set policy or become involved in operational items. However, the Board has recently used them as a sounding board on the direction of Scouts Canada. This has been a positive change. For those of you who have been around for some time, you will recall the many changes that the movement has gone through in the past 15 years, all with the purported goal of modernizing Scouts Canada, increasing membership and improving our relevancy amongst youth. Few of those changes had the desired result, and as we move ahead with another set of changes, the voting delegates need to ask hard questions of the BoG and senior staff, and make sure, as much as possible, that changes will improve the lives of Scouters, youth members, and the Scouting movement.

If elected, there are four issues I would like to highlight with Scouts Canada.

1) Scouting is an organization full of great friendships and companionship. However, we have very high turnover of leaders and a lot of dissatisfaction with both the support provided (training) and the resolution of adult conflicts within Scouting. We need to work together to rebuild the movement respectfully. The internal discipline process is not conducive to this – too many leaders are sent out of Scouting with no chance to provide their side of the story and no chance to work out the issue, contrary to the bylaws, policies, and procedures. This approach to problem resolution needs to change. Note I am referring to adult type conflicts, NOT issues related to youth.

2) Properties is a controversial issue. Despite good efforts from senior SC staff, there still is a major disconnect on the roles and responsibilities of volunteers and staff and how properties will be selected for investment or disposal. Many hard-working local camp committees and volunteers do a great job keeping properties operational and available for Scouting at minimal cost, and their input is essential, without excessive control from above. Trust with Scouts Canada is lacking in the property management field, and I will work on this issue as much as possible.

3) Training is best delivered in person with experienced leaders and trainers or via mentors. The administrative side (paperwork and forms) can be done on-line but we need to encourage in-person training and support on how to deliver a great program and how to deal with youth and other leaders.

4) The online network is turning out to be a good place for idea exchanges. We need more forums like this for experienced leaders to offer assistance and support to new leaders and supply feedback up the line.

A successful movement occurs at the section level – not the council, or national level. Run a good program with outdoor activities and youth will join. Allow individual sections and experienced leaders to have significant input as to how the organization should function and individuals will be willing to help others succeed. Support individuals with effective training and mentoring and sections will flourish.

If I am elected as a voting delegate, I will do my best to listen to others concerns about the direction of Scouting, but I promise to challenge our leadership to make significant reform within the movement to reduce the bureaucracy, empower local groups and take steps to ensure we continue to own many of the properties we already have for future generations. As well, I believe every adult member of Scouting should be voting directly for Board positions and will push for this.

I am always open to and appreciative of comments and suggestions from others, but I can guarantee that as a voting member I will ask tough questions and always vote for what I believe is best for the movement. Yours in Scouting

Kristin St-Jean

My name is Kristin, but I have also been known as Scouter Kristin, Akela, Bagheera, Hawkeye and Echo. This is my eighth year in Scouting and I am currently the Group Commissioner with 1st Bayridge in Kingston. I joined Scouting with my twin boys when they started in their first year of Beavers. I would like this opportunity to represent the members of my Council at the National level.

I am an Engineer, a stay at home mom and a Scouter. I have four children between the ages of 10-14. Some of my favourite things include spreadsheets and camping. I have become quite involved in Scouting because I thoroughly enjoy the sense of community that it provides for me. I also like the cool uniform.

In my Scouting experience I have seen many groups, and I am well aware that there is no one size fits all in Scouting. I feel like the most underrepresented group at the National level is small groups and new Scouters. Parents who have joined with their kids feel like they’ve been thrown into the mix and don’t have any connection to Scouts Canada as an entity. I would like to volunteer my time as a Council Voting Representative to give a voice to all of the Scouters in our Council who are too busy throwing a craft together at the last minute.

Scouting has always changed with the times, adapted for the people just discovering the movement, and I would like to be a part of that.

Alan Clapp

I have been a Scouter for over 27 years now. I started when my sons started Beavers and I moved up with them through the sections. I have had the pleasure of being a Scouter in all 5 Sections as well as Group, Area and Council roles, including training on over 50 courses from Gateway to Wood Badge II to Trainer Development II. I am currently a Scouter with both Troop and Crew with 8th Orleans. While I enjoy working at the Area and Council level, my passion for Scouting lies with the Youth Sections.

This is why I am running to be a voting representative for Voyageur Council, I want to be your voice to help make Scouting easier at the Section level (where the real Scouting is done) and to try to eliminate or at least reduce some of the bumps we feel every week trying to deliver excellent programming.  With the promise from National to be more open and accept more input from the Section Scouters and Group Commissioners, I feel that I can bring my past experiences, but most importantly my current experiences to the table to help bring about some of the changes we need in Scouting.

Declan Longfield

I have been involved in the Scouts Canada program since I was a first year Beaver with 1st Bayridge. I am currently a second year Venturer with 1st Bayridge and I have completed 3 years as a Beaver, 3 years as a Cub, and 4 years as a Scout. I really enjoy being able to mentor my fellow venturers and youth from younger sections. In addition to participating as a youth in Scouting I have volunteered as a junior leader for my local cub pack and I plan on achieving my Woodbadge 1 to become a Scouter for the 1st Bayridge Cub pack to help the next generation of youth enjoy Scouting and all of its adventures like I do. Throughout my time as a youth in Scouting I have earned my Seeonee and Chief Scout Award; I am very much looking forward to earning my King’s Venturer Award!

Scouting has been an amazing experience for me, and has given me many opportunities to grow as a person and as a role model for the younger youth in the organization. Scouting has given me plenty of new and fun ways of learning and helping others. Scouting has given me a circle of very close friends that I have been able to go on some amazing adventures with. I would like to take all of these opportunities that I have had to help shape Scouting as a Council Voting Representative to provide new amazing and fun opportunities for both future and current members of scouting and to help blossom their passions for the outdoors and Scouting as a whole.

During the summer of 2023 I had the honor of attending the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea. Along with that international opportunity that I was given I am looking forward to attending the World Scout Moot in Portugal next summer, I also look forward to attending the World Scout Jamboree in Poland in 2027 as an IST or a patrol leader so that I am able to help make the experience for the participants as amazing as mine was during my time as a participant and WSJ 2023. When I am not studying or Scouting, I enjoy spending time playing sports with my friends, canoeing, sailing and camping with friends or family.

Elinor Sullivan

My name is Elinor Sullivan, and I have been in scouting for a decade. During my time in Scouts Canada, I have had the opportunity to help out with numerous events, such as Youthcon 2024 and RSVP 2024, as well as volunteer through scouting to help my community. Currently, I belong to the 1st Nepean Venturer Company and 1st service alliance, joining service corps in late 2023. My time in scouts has given me unique insight into the youth perspective of the organization, and I very much want to take the time to try and grow Scouts Canada into a program that all youth will further enjoy. I believe that this position will help me be the change I want to see in this organization and help me give back to the community that I have belonged to for the past decade. I absolutely love helping out and contributing to the creation of something great, and this role will really help me achieve that goal.

Rebecca Norman

I’ve been a member of Scouts Canada for 10 years and my journey started with a choice: stay in Girl Guides with my friends from school, or switch into beavers with my sister, who my parents decided would thrive more in Scouting. I decided to make the switch and I have never once regretted it. Not only that, but I could not be more grateful for all that I’ve learned and accomplished thanks to Scouting. There are a multitude of leadership opportunities and accomplishments I’ve achieved that I believe have prepared me for this position. 

In 2018, as a third year cub, I received the Seeonee award for my project in collaboration with a kitten rescue group. Through door-to-door sales, and advertising on social media, I managed to raise around $300 for a local rescue group. With this money, I then purchased items that they had specifically requested and put together “kitty care packages.” This was my first experience doing volunteer work and personally connecting with my community, and through it, I gained valuable connections and a passion for helping others. 

As I grew throughout the years, I eventually found myself in charge of my own patrol as a third year Scout. I would say this opportunity caused me to learn the most about myself and my abilities as a leader. Through feedback from patrol, I learned how to balance being in charge with also listening to their opinions and criticisms. Being a patrol leader furthered my want to give back, so in 2021 I decided to become a youth leader for our Cub group, Cougar Pack. 

This was an entirely new experience for me. I was in charge of kids much younger than me, interacting with parents, and much more, but I loved it. I was known to the kids as ‘Monarch’ because one of them had noticed my butterfly themed jewelry obsession and thought it was fitting. Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to further my communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. This was genuinely one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, seeing those kids grow and evolve right in front of me.

I am currently in my second year of Ventures, and I am a part of 23rd Nepeans Gryphon Legion. Thanks to Scouting, I’ve grown so much as a person. That is why I want to be able to give back to the organization that has helped me so much by applying to become a council voting representative. I believe that overall I have the experience and passion necessary to represent my council and be successful in this position. 

Le vote

Lorsqu'une élection est nécessaire pour un conseil, Scouts Canada utilise le système écossais du vote unique transférable (Scottish Single Transferrable Vote), qui permet aux électeurs de classer les candidats par ordre de préférence. Cela signifie que le classement des candidats en deuxième, troisième et quatrième position est utilisé pour déterminer qui sera élu. La conduite du vote et le dépouillement sont confiés à une organisation tierce. 

Tous les membres ordinaires nés en 2010 peuvent participer à l'élection des représentants votants de leur conseil.

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