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Grizzly Den
Creating Next Level Adventures Across Ontario!


Congratulations to all the Sections/Groups that received funding from Hydro One and the Grizzly Den program for 2022/23. 

Hydro One’s generous support of the Grizzly Den program means that not only will 70 Sections/Groups in Ontario have new, exciting adventures, but it also means that over 1,200 Scouting youth will have the chance to experience the fun and memories that only Scouting can offer.

These Sections/Groups have some awesome adventures planned, so be sure to check back regularly to see pictures of all the amazing adventures.

1st AFC Cubs – Camping & Rafting

1st AFC Oakville Scouts – Ultimate Winter Adventure

1st Bradford Beavers – Canoe & Camping Adventure

1st Drummond Venturers – Becoming the Mountain

1st Glen Cairn Venturers – Newfoundland Pre-Camp

1st Greely Venturers & Rovers – Kandersteg Portion of FinJam

1st Holly, 1st Mapleview, 14th Barrie Beavers & Cubs – Niagara Falls Grand Adventure

1st Kempenfelt Bay Group – Adventures Per Diem

1st MAC Scouts – Turkey Jamboree

1st Mapleview Beavers & Cubs – Woodlands Camping

1st Milton Beavers B – Sleeping with the Sharks

1st Milton Cubs – Ultimate Toronto Trip

1st Milton Scouts – Toronto Area Adventure

1st North Gower Kars Scouts – Is Santa from Canada or Finland?

1st Port Credit Sea Scouts Beavers & Cubs – Toronto Adventure

1st Port Credit Sea Scouts – Massasauga Backcountry Canoe Trip

1st Port Credit Sea Scouts Venturers – Kayak Adventure

1st Richmond Scouts & Venturers – Mont Tremblant Adventure

1st Sombra Ventures – Backcountry Camping

1st Southfields Scouts – Exploring the National Capital Region

1st Westshore Beavers – Jungle Cat World Night Safari

1st Wyoming Beavers & Cubs – Climbing and Camping

2nd Innisfil Scouts – Naval Park Buffalo, NY Trip

2nd Innisfil Venturers – White Water Rafting

2nd Tillsonburg Beavers – Toronto Excursion

2nd Tillsonburg Cubs – Jellystone Park

3rd Guelph Beavers & Cubs – Zoo Overnight

3rd Streetsville Venturers – Algonquin Park Wilderness Backpacking

4th Clarkson – Canoe Camp

4th Georgetown Cubs – Haliburton Wolf Centre

4th Midland Scouts, Venturers & Rovers – How to Eat a Danish 

6th Dundas Beavers & Cubs – Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Overnight

6th Dundas Scouts – Dog Sledding Camp

7th Brampton Scouts – Algonquin Park Trip

10th Waterloo Scouts – Backwoods Canoe Camping

12th Whitby – Spring Troop Camp

13th Burlington Beavers & Cubs – Overnight Camp Adventure

13th Woodstock Beavers, Cubs & Scouts – Adventure Camp

13th Woodstock Scouts – Algonquin Park Canoe Camping

15th Fort William – Ice Climbing Adventure

18th Willowdale – Ottawa Trip

19th Chatham Beavers – Hike & Climb

19th Nepean Scouts – Ottawa River Whitewater Kaya-rafting

19th Oakville Beavers & Cubs – Set to SOAR Camp

19th Oakville Scouts – Niagara History Weekend

19th Oakville Venturers – Grizzly Den Winter Adventure

22nd Markham Scouts & Venturers – Paddling Back in Time

23rd Nepean Geohunters Scouts – One Wild Ride 

23rd Nepean Gryphon Venturers – Cataclysmic Canoe Crusade

24th Kitchener Beavers & Cubs – Wild at the Zoo

27th Guelph Beavers – Aquarium & Dinos

27th Guelph Cubs – Horseback Riding Camp

27th Guelph Scouts & Venturers – Amazing Winter Adventure

31st Burlington Venturers – Temagami Canoe Trip

35th Tecumseh Cubs – Thames River Trip

36th Ottawa Beavers – Colony Camping Getaway

36th Ottawa Cubs – Snowshoeing/Dog Sledding Winter Adventure

36th Ottawa Scouts – Robotics Adventure

36th Ottawa Venturers – Xtreme Winter Adventure

38th Kitchener Scouts – Haliburton Camp

45th Glennwood United Windsor Scouts – Algonquin Park Canoe Camping

57th St. Catharines Scouts – North Frontenac Backcountry Canoe/Kayak

70th London A Cubs – Cub Extreme Adventure 

116th Nepean Griffin Beavers – Mont Cascade Waterpark Day

413th Whitby Scouts – PEI Adventure

Kemptville Beavers – The Best Beaver Super Snowshoe and Sleepover

Kemptville Cubs – Four Seasons of Adventures

North Bay Beavers & Cubs – Aerial Park & Santa’s Village

North Bay Scouts – Blue Mountain Trip

NPEMA MedVents Rovers – Big Camp & Hike


$500-$1000 $1001-$2000 $2001-$4000 $4001-$6000 $6001-$8000
10 15 24 17 4


Urban Adventures  24
Backcountry Adventures 46


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The Grizzly Den is a unique opportunity for Sections in Ontario to take their adventures to the next level. Generously supported by Hydro One, Sections will pitch their adventure ideas to the ‘Grizzlies’ – a group of seasoned Scouters and others – and the ‘Grizzlies’ will award Sections a dollar amount to put towards their amazing adventure!


Generously supported by Hydro One - all Sections in ONTARIO are eligible. That includes Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers!


Some of the best memories that youth make at Scouts come from fun, safe adventures. Adventures provide opportunities for learning, growing confidence, developing resilience and having fun. Some sections rely on generous donations from their local communities for activities. This has become increasingly challenging as community organizations compete for funding support.

This is where the Grizzly Den comes in! Through the Grizzly Den, groups have the opportunity to get a significant amount of funding for their planned adventure.

Also, the process of applying is part of the soft-skills development that youth gain through the experience. Coming up with adventure ideas, working with their peers to figure out all the components needed to achieve their adventure; building, designing and pitching their adventure proposal and then, if successful – taking those plans and putting them into action. It all works towards fostering important life skills.


The goal of the Grizzly Den is to think big, real big! This isn’t your weekend camping adventure or park clean-up. This program is all about next level adventures – we’re talking bucket list stuff!

  • Multi-day paddling excursions? Yup!
  • Backwoods camping out of province? Yup!
  • Always wanted to try ice-climbing? Yup!
  • Beavers and Cubs learning to horseback ride? Yup!

If the youth can dream it up and it’s realistic (sorry, no trips to outer space) then these are the adventures the Grizzly Den is looking for.

The Grizzly Den is a one-year program and Sections must apply during the open Application period. The date of your planned adventure must occur before May 31, 2023.


The Grizzlies include seasoned Scouters representing all of the Ontario Councils, along with other representatives, including from our sponsor, who will judge the applications and pitching process.


The goal of the Grizzly Den is to encourage and support as many safe, outdoor adventures to more Scouting youth in Ontario as possible. By providing extra funding, the Grizzly Den hopes to remove any financial barriers and elevate the outdoor Scouting spirit to new levels. As the Grizzly Den program is focused at the Council level – all Sections throughout Ontario, no matter the Council, can anticipate receiving some degree of funding for their adventures.


You’ve done the local hikes, camped the local sites and now it’s time to level up your next adventure.

Think big… Think challenging… Think next level!

Think of that bucket list adventure you’ve always wanted to tackle.

Now is your chance!

Learn more about the Grizzly Den from Chief Scout and Survivorman, Les Stroud

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Submissions must include the following information:

Trip Plan — This document outlines the details of the planned adventure; things like the where, when, how and who. This should be a youth-led initiative, as the ‘Grizzlies’ will be looking for elements that demonstrate that this has been planned by the youth. The Trip Plan can be a document, PowerPoint Presentation, video, or similar. (Adventure Application Form)

Emergency Response Plan — This must be attached with your submission and it must include a completed Risk Identification and Management Plan. (Emergency Response Plan and Risk Identification)

Procurement Plan — This document outlines any plan to procure training, certificates or equipment that may be required for your adventure.

Detailed Budget — This document must outline a fully costed budget for the adventure, including how additional funding will be secured, if necessary.

Alternative Funding — This document outlines a plan for securing funding for the adventure should you not receive an investment from the Grizzly Den.

Pictures or video of the Brainstorming Activity — This should be a youth-led initiative and demonstrate that the youth have brainstormed and planned their adventure idea.

Don’t forget, this should be a youth-lead initiative and the planned adventure should be one that the youth have brainstormed, planned and are excited about undertaking!

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How much funding can our Section expect to receive if we have a successful submission?

It depends. There is no set amount Sections can receive, and amounts awarded will be dependent on the quality and quantity of submissions. The maximum a Section can expect to be funded is 90% of the total cost. For example, if an out-of- camping adventure is budgeted at $6000, and they provide a robust submission, they may be awarded 90% or $5400. 


Will the ‘Grizzlies’ award partial funds?

Yes. In most cases, most Sections will receive partial funding for their adventure, up to a maximum of 90% of the total cost. Groups that have put thought into their adventures and have demonstrated their commitment to it by also investing in their adventure through fundraising are more likely to receive funds. Therefore, it’s important to include a plan for additional funding as the Grizzly Den will only provide partial funding. 


Why are only Sections in Ontario allowed to participate?

The Grizzly Den program is generously funded by support from Hydro One, which is an Ontario focused company. We are currently looking at launching similar initiatives in other provinces with other program partners. Stay tuned! 


Our Section is already fund-raising to support a trip abroad (ie. WJ’23), can we apply to the Grizzly Den for additional funding for this event?

Yes, you can, however priority will be given to adventures that are new and that demonstrate that youth have helped plan the adventure from start to finish. A Jamboree would not be considered a new type of adventure. 


What if we need to postpone our adventure due to COVID?

The Grizzlies recognize the current global pandemic presents challenges for the planning and partaking in in-person adventures and that there is a possibility that an adventure may not go ahead this year. The funding could be used for the adventure in the following year. 

This sounds like it’s more for the older Sections, what about Beavers and Cubs?

The Grizzly Den is for all Sections, including Beavers and Cubs. Planned adventures should be age-appropriate and fall within the realistic skill level of the youth involved. An afternoon canoe trip might be too simple for experienced Scouts, but it could be an amazing first-paddling adventure for Beavers!


Can we apply more than once for different adventures?

Absolutely. Planning the adventures is half the fun. We hope to be able to offer this funding annually and Groups can create and apply for as many adventures as they like. 


Our Section is planning a really amazing adventure, but the adventure is also new for some of our Scouters, does the Grizzly Den offer support and guidance?

Yes! The Grizzly Den doesn’t just stop at funding. The ‘Grizzlies’ are seasoned along with other professionals and will support and mentor Scouters throughout their adventure process, ensuring that the Scouters and youth are properly prepared to have a safe and memorable adventure. 


Does our adventure have to take place in 2022?

No! The adventure could take place in 2023 if it makes the most sense for your Section and your Adventure Plan. All adventures supported by the Grizzly Den must be completed by May 31, 2023. 

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