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Building Block Ice Castle

Building a dream winter fort in the snow is a whimsical adventure that transforms the ordinary winter landscape into a canvas for imagination. A creative and collaborative activity while fostering teamwork, creativity, and an understanding of basic engineering principles.


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Materials Needed

  • Empty milk cartons or juice boxes
  • Yogurt pods or Tupperware for varied shapes
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Food-colored water
  • Glow sticks (for night-time illumination)
  • Additional decorations (optional): glitter, small figurines, craft foam, etc.
  • Freezer space or cold weather


1. Building Phase (40 minutes):

Use the milk cartons, juice boxes, yogurt pods, and Tupperware. Instruct the kids to fill the containers with water, adding food coloring for a vibrant effect. Place the containers outdoor overnight (or in the freezer) to allow the water to freeze. Once frozen, help the kids carefully remove the ice blocks from the containers.

2. Assembly and Decoration (30 minutes):

Guide kids in assembling their ice castles using the frozen blocks. Encourage creativity in decorating the castles with additional materials like food colouring, craft foam, and favourite toys. Discuss the importance of stability in their designs and how to create a solid structure.

3. Night-time Illumination (Optional):

As the sun sets, use glow sticks to light up your creation. Place the glow sticks strategically within the ice castle for a magical nighttime effect. Remind kids of the Leave No Trace principles, encouraging them to clean their workspaces thoroughly. This Building Block Ice Castle activity not only promotes teamwork and creativity but also provides a hands-on experience in basic engineering and scientific principles. It's a fun and engaging way for kids to learn while creating something truly unique.


Review Congratulations, you’ve built your ice castle! After trying out the building blocks, take a beat to reflect on the activity—what worked, what didn’t, and were there areas for improvement? Was it hard to create a stable and solid structure?

Note: Don’t forget to apply the Leave No Trace principles and clean your play space thoroughly.


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<i>Photo Credit : 23rd Nepean</i>

Photo Credit : 23rd Nepean

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