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Kidtastic Activity Generator

January 22, 2024

Kids Getting Squirrely? Scouts Canada Steps Up With The ‘Kidtastic’ Activity Generator To Fight The Post-Holiday 'Blahs'

OTTAWA, ON – January 22, 2024 … Feeling the bleak mid-winter bummers? Scouts Canada (the country’s leading co-ed youth organization) is here to help kids kick their post-holiday ‘blah’ syndrome. Now that the festivities of the season are over and kids are back at school in their ho-hum routines, Scouts Canada has created the ‘Kid-Tastic’ Activity Generator as a public service to help parents and kids quell that prolific post-holiday malaise.

What is a Kid-Tastic Activity Generator?

With activities tested in the real world by Scouts, it’s a quick, easy and fun online way for parents and kids to generate both ideas and guides to super-cool activities for any kind of weather this winter, indoors or outdoors. Don’t let the cold and shorter days keep you from venturing out! There’s plenty of adventure to be had.

How does it work?

Simply punch in kids’ ages, topic of interest, activity levels, if you want an indoor or outdoor activity and …

Bleep-Bop-Bam: The Kid-Tastic generator will tell you how to make your own snowshoes!


Bleep-Bop-Bam … how to make a ooey gooey oobleck!


Bleep-Bop-Bam … create a winter survival kit!


Kids suffer from Blue Monday and Seasonal Effectiveness Disorders too! In fact, recent research taken from the 2019 Canadian Community Health Survey found that “Significant seasonal variation was observed for youth (age 12-24). There was evidence of effect modification by age. The youth group had stronger seasonal effects compared to respondents age 25+”

With research from Statistics Canada, we know that the majority of youth aged 12-17 don’t get enough physical activity in a day, and a study by Western Education found that the average child has more than four hours of screentime a day.

Scouts Canada knows that your kids need fun and active things to do, while exploring new skills that can even set them ahead in life (and—let’s be honest—parents REALLY need them to have things to do.) Three weeks into January, kids can get the winter blah’s just as badly as adults can.

“We know Scouting has a positive impact on the well-being of our youth,” shares Scouts Canada CEO and Executive Commissioner, Liam Burns. “Through a member survey, 78% of parents have told us their kids are more confident, 75% spoke of greater resilience and 72% noticed stronger leadership skills. Through fun activities like those found on our Kidtastic Activity Generator, any young person across Canada can experience some of the many benefits of Scouting.”

How can I tap into the power of the Kid-Tastic Activity Generator today?

Fire up the Kid-Tastic Activity Generator to suggest ideas for hours of fun, safe and exciting activities your kids can enjoy on their own, with friends or as a family.

Such as:
Bleep-Bop-Bam … make a colourful frozen fort!
Bleep-Bop-Bam … embark on the ultimate, picnic adventure challenge!
Bleep-Bop-Bam … make a magical snow globe!

Scouts Canada spokespeople are available for interviews and/or live demonstrations of the Kid-Tastic Activity Generator and activities.


About Scouts Canada

Kids and young adults in Scouts chart their own path of discovery. Through a variety of fun experiences with friends, outdoor adventures and contributions to their community, Scouts build resilience and skills that set them up for life. Scouts Canada is the country’s leading co-ed youth organization, offering programming for children and youth aged 5-26 in multiple languages, reflecting Canada’s multicultural landscape and communities. For more information, visit

Scouts Canada is a not-for-profit organization (Charitable Registration No.10776 1694 RR0028) and a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.


Media Contact:
Patrick McCaully
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Kidtastic Activity Generator

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