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Ooey Gooey Oobleck

Flex your STEM skills with this fluffy slime recipe—it's time to make a fun mess with some ooey, gooey oobleck!

Add glitter and blue food colouring to create a fluffy blizzard, give your toys and figurines a marshmallow-like ice rink, or simply play with the goop!


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Materials Needed

  • 2 cups cornstarch
  • 2 bottles shaving cream (non-scented, if possible)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • ¼ cup liquid starch
  • Food colouring
  • Bowl or container

Safety Tip

Oobleck can be messy! If you spill anything, make sure to clean it up so that no one gets hurt. 


Building Phase (20 minutes):

  1. With your hands, mix the cornstarch and shaving cream together—they should feel like gooey melting marshmallows. Experiment with the consistency—add more cornstarch or shaving cream to get the right texture.
  2. Add food colouring, water and liquid starch, slowly. Liquid starch takes a few moments to firm up the slime, so add it little by little to decide how drippy or fluffy you want your oobleck (more water will thin the mixture to make it less firm).


Assembly and Decoration:

  1. That’s it! Once your oobleck is mixed, your fluffy slime is ready for playtime.



Congratulations, you’ve made oobleck!  After trying out the slime, take a beat to reflect on the activity—what worked, what didn’t, and were there areas for improvement? 


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<i>Photo Credit: ThoughtCo</i>

Photo Credit: ThoughtCo

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