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Scouts Canada offers free online resource to help kids be resilient

October 23, 2020


Resilience is essential for coping with risk factors, challenges, uncertainty and stress, as well as for building positive mental health, emotional wellbeing, social relationships and academic achievement.

Research supports that when children are resilient, they are braver, more curious, more adaptable, and more able to extend their reach into the world.  Over the past few months, and weeks, as children adapt to new environments at school or to virtual classrooms, it is more important than ever foster healthy social and emotional wellbeing. 

Scouts Canada, a leading organization that focuses on developing well-rounded youth, is partnering with award-winning educator, resiliency expert and mother of three, Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe to provide Canadian families with the tools and knowledge to better navigate risk and challenges – not just during a pandemic but in everyday life.  


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