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Indigenous History + Pride Month (June 2022)

May 06, 2022

As the country comes together to recognize Indigenous History and 2SLGBTQIA+  Pride Month this June, it is an opportunity to learn about the power and significance of allyship. Each of us and our friends have elements of who we are that are visible and not-so-visible, and this season we invite you to learn how you can be a great friend and responsible ally by appreciating our differences. Scouts Canada stands in support and celebration of these communities and has planned a series of awareness opportunities to further the learning journey of our members and organization.

Indigenous History Month began in 2009 with the passing of a unanimous motion in the House of Commons, with June 21st identified as National Indigenous Peoples Day. The purpose is to carve out focused time to honour achievements, perspectives and diversity of Indigenous peoples across Canada.



Additionally, June is also 2SLGBTQIA+  Pride Month. Originating in the United States and celebrated in Canada as well, June commemorates the 1969 Stonewall riots that advocated for 2SLGBTQIA+  equality.

While Scouts Canada is still in the early stages of our Diversity, Inclusion, and Reconciliation Journey, we remain committed to becoming a responsible ally, friend and neighbour to peoples and communities across the country—not just during the month of June, but 365 days of the year. 


Upcoming Events

Trauma-Informed Reconciliation + Allyship Training

For Volunteers 

Date: May 16 (7:30-9:00pmEST) and May 17 (5:30-7:00pmEST)

Register: May 16 Session and May 17 Session 

Cost: Free

Facilitated by Kayla Bernard (Scouts Canada Board member, Mi'kmaw Recreation Therapist and Youth Worker), this discussion will include the sharing of best practices for engaging youth in Reconciliation, and live questions and conversation with participants. 


Trauma-Informed Reconciliation + Allyship Training

For Council Youth Commissioners 

Date: May 23 (7:30-9:00pmEST) and May 24 (5:30-7:00pmEST)

Register: May 23 Session and May 24 Session 

Cost: Free

Facilitated by Kayla Bernard (Scouts Canada Board member, Mi'kmaw Recreation Therapist and Youth Worker), this discussion will include the sharing of best practices for youth leading programs and discussions around Reconciliation, and live questions and conversation with participants.


Uplifting Scouting Stories of Diversity & Inclusion (Ongoing)

Date: Pilot Session, May 26

Register: TBD 

Cost: Free

A panel discussion inviting Scouters from all over the country to join this virtual event. Panelists will answer pe-submitted questions and lend ideas to participants on the topics of Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation. We will learn from each other so that we may each be champions of change in the communities where we Scout. 

Share an example of how you have been proactive in Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation in your Scouting experience; are there best practices you would like to share with fellow Scouters?


Submit Here

2SLGBTQIA+ and Allyship Workshop - Open to All

Date: June 6 at 7:00pmEST and June 8 at 9:00pmEST

Register: June 6 Session and June 8 Session 

Cost: Free

Join us for a conversation with the International Day of Pink to learn about creating inclusion for gender and sexually diverse people in our community. Participants will walk away with an understanding of 2SLGBTQIA+ language and terminology, best practices in daily situations, and innovative ways to create inclusive and respectful spaces. 


Register for your Raven Reads Box!

Following our Scouts Canada’s Listening Sessions, we have heard the need for resources to support the learning journey we are all on around Reconciliation and healing relationships with Indigenous peoples in Canada. We are excited to be teaming up with the Raven Reads to provide curated resources for each of your Sections.

This is an opportunity to support Indigenous-led businesses and authors! 

Registration Opening Soon

Scouter Resources

These resources will equip volunteer Scouters with the tools and knowledge they need to engage youth in conversations and learning around Reconciliation and allyship through fun and meaningful activities.