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Starting at 8:30 PM EST, will undergo scheduled maintenance. The website will be unavailable for a short period, estimated between one and two hours.

Update: MyScouts Data Breach

January 19, 2023

Update - Jan 19, 2023  

We are pleased to let you know that MyScouts is now live. We apologize for the inconvenience this cyber incident has caused.

A queuing system is in place to ensure demand does not slow down the system. However, we would request that users consider the necessity of accessing the system and if not urgent – to do so outside of the peak usage times of 11 am to 1 pm eastern time and 4 pm to 9 pm eastern time.

We will be sending reminders to those who need to complete their Respect in Sport and those who have not yet renewed over the next few days.


Update - Jan 12, 2023  

Over the last week, Scouts Canada has been working with our security experts to meticulously harden and secure MyScouts before opening it to all users. We are close to completing this work and anticipate that MyScouts will be available next week – we are aiming for early in the week.

We will be implementing a queueing system for when MyScouts reopens to ensure that pent-up demand does not slow down the system. However, we would request that users consider prioritizing access to new registrants or members who are renewing and only access the system if necessary, during off-peak hours.

We will be sending reminders to those who need to complete their Respect in Sport and those who have not yet renewed.

The protection of your personal information is critically important to us, and we regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience.


Update - Jan 6, 2023  

Since the last update, Scouts Canada has worked with two separate security experts to run two separate Investigations; the first was to confirm what happened and who was affected by the breach. The second, to fully review any ongoing security issues. 

The good news is that we can confirm that the MyScouts database, which is on a different server, was not compromised. As a result of our first investigation, we identified that only some users who accessed the system on December 17th were affected. We have been and will be contacting all those affected directly to provide them with additional information and support.

As a result of the second investigation into MyScouts security vulnerability, which was completed on Dec 31st, 2022, we have been working with a third party to harden and secure MyScouts to prevent an incident from occurring again. We have been told that the work will be completed sometime next week. This means MyScouts will remain offline until then.

What does that mean for running Scouting?

All memberships have been extended until the end of January 2023. This will remove any issues for those who have not yet renewed.

Update - Dec 23rd, 2022

What Happened? 

On Saturday Dec 17th, Scouts Canada detected a cyber-attack of the MyScouts system.  

At this point in our investigation, we believe the intrusion occurred early in the afternoon on Saturday, and once it was detected by Scouts Canada’s IT team, the MyScouts system was shut down. We are now working with a third-party security expert to do a fulsome review, remove any malicious code and harden the system before turning it back on.    


Who has been impacted 

At this point in the review – we have seen no evidence that the bad actor accessed the MyScouts database, which resides on a different server.  

We believe only those who accessed MyScouts on Saturday may be impacted and will be contacting those people directly with more details and support.      


When will MyScouts be back online?  

MyScouts will remain offline until the new year as we continue our work with the third-party security expert. 

We acknowledge that this is unfortunate timing for our members with renewals and registration opening for 2023. We will plan accordingly and ensure members do not lose their spots and waitlists are extended. 

We will be updating this page as new information is available. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.