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Scouts Canada is Awarded for Impactful Workplace Initiatives

March 18, 2024

Integrating values of diversity and inclusion into our recruitment and hiring practices

Scouts Canada is grateful to be celebrated as one of the 2023 Workplace Impact Award recipients, thanks to the recognition of Diversio Global Inc. Improving workplace flexibility, while also progressing our recruitment and hiring approach to integrate our values of diversity, equity and inclusion, we are thrilled to accept this award. 

Scouts Canada is one of only 15 organizations who are globally recognized for having the most equitable and engaged workplace in 2023. As leaders in workplace initiatives, we have been invited to join the Diversio Changemakers Community. The ambition of this group aims to create the world’s most engaged DEI community. 

Diversio Changemakers is a global community of passionate and ambitious leaders and practitioners who believe that investing in inclusive workplaces for everyone can accelerate business outcomes and positively impact employees within their organizations.