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Students Volunteer in Community Policing

March 12, 2024


A group of Humber College students stepped up to volunteer in their community as they pursue a career in the criminal justice field.

A total of 37 new 22 Division Rover Crew members were invested on March 11 at the Toronto Police College.

So far this school year, in matter of four months, they volunteered at more than 15 events throughout the city and there are over a dozen more events planned in the coming weeks and months.

“Arriving here is an indication of your abilities, your resilience and your steadfast commitment to public service,” Acting Chief Lauren Pogue told the Rovers at the 21st annual Investiture ceremony. “Your role and active participation supports our Service in building and maintaining trust with the communities we serve.

“For some of you, this experience will launch you to other career paths in law enforcement, including positions as police officers, special constables, auxiliary officers and correctional officers. I know that you will continue to be guided by integrity and self-responsibility and that you will treat people with respect, equity and dignity throughout the course of your duties.”

Pogue expressed confidence that the Rovers will serve with professionalism, integrity and according to the Service’s core values.


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