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Join Scouts Canada and Canada's Forest Trust Corporation in Planting
Millions of Trees

May 16, 2024

Launching the Canadian Climate Challenge

Canada is threatened by another record-breaking wildfire season following last years which burned 18.4 million hectares, over three times the size of Nova Scotia. To support the future of Canada's forests, Scouts Canada and Canada's Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) are joining forces to plant, preserve and protect healthy and resilient forest ecosystems. Together, they invite Scouting alumni, youth, community members and Canadian businesses to take action with them in this urgent appeal.

The ScouTrees program embodies a dual mission: taking action for the climate and empowering the next generation of environmental stewards. With 75%of young people in Canada experiencing climate-related anxiety, ScouTrees has tangible and impactful solutions to get people engaged in climate action nationwide. Each person and business in Canada is being called upon to join by purchasing trees to grow and protect the Scouts Smart Forest™. With the support of their communities, Scouts and CFT will help counter the devastating impacts of Canada's wildfires while boosting the positive benefits healthy forests have on our planet, society and economy.

Through a digital forest intelligence dashboard, Scouts and supporters will access custom impact data, such as the forest's location, age, species, estimated carbon storage, and a climate learning centre.

Liam Burns, CEO of Scouts Canada, expressed, "Through the ScouTrees initiative, we're not just planting trees; we're sowing the seeds of resilience and hope among our youth. We are leading with actions, not just words. When we address the physical effects of a changing climate, we also alleviate the mental strain of a younger generation who is deeply affected and concerned by the state of our planet."

Similarly, the CEO of Canada's Forest Trust Corporation, Gary Zed, stated, "Partnering with Scouts Canada on the ScouTrees program is a pivotal step towards our shared vision for a sustainable, more productive and healthier future. I hope that Canadian business leaders recognize this as an opportunity to support our planet, empower youth education and climate engagement. It's also a great way to mobilize communities around a shared mission - mitigating the impacts of climate change."

With 83% of young people believing that previous generations have failed to care for the planet, ScouTrees empowers youth to take meaningful action against climate change. The program also facilitates a powerful fundraising solution for Scouts Canada to continue delivering meaningful contributions to the hundreds of communities they connect with across Canada.

With the help of Scoutrees supporters, Scouts will witness the growth of Canadian forests planted, preserved, and protected in their honour-a legacy that will flourish alongside them for generations.

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About Canada's Forest Trust Corporation

Canada's Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) is a social enterprise committed to delivering an innovative naturebased climate solution to address your environmental commitments and demonstrate tangible impact by building and protecting Smart Forests™. Our solution offers a strategic approach to carbon storage and biodiversity enhancement, aligning with sustainability goals and reporting requirements.


About Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada is the country's leading co-ed youth organization, offering programming for children and youth aged 5-26. With over 43,000 youth participating across the country, in multiple languages and reflecting Canada's multicultural landscape, kids and youth in Scouts chart their own path of discovery. Through a variety of fun experiences, outdoor adventures and contributions to their community, Scouts build resilience and skills that set them up for life.

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