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Scouting at Home


How can you explore the whole planet while staying close to home?

Go on a virtual trek to visit far-away cities without leaving your house, then prepare a meal from another culture! Imagine setting out on a sailing excursion or climbing adventure far from where you live—what skills do you need to master to be prepared? What supplies would you need to pack?

These are just some of the ways you can experience other parts of the world from home—read on to discover more!

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We’re still Scouting. Join the fun!

The adventure never stops. We’re still Scouting—are you? Stay active as a Section or Group, continue to ignite curiosity among youth and stay connected virtually with weekly tips and activities from Scouting at Home. Let’s ride out this COVID-19 physical distancing together!

Help us spread the word that Scouts Canada programming continues, thanks to activities that have been adapted to help Sections further their journey together at home or online. Don’t forget to share your Group’s online interactions on social media to share ideas, find inspiration from other Groups and remind Canadians of our ongoing Scouting adventure.

Click here to discover tips, a matte article for local media and key messaging to jump in and get the word out! 

Scouting at Home


Share an activity you’ve done to give back to others or your community, and you could win a Hotcore Mantis 2 Tent for your next adventure! Simply post a photo/video and description of your good turn on social media, and tag both @scoutscanada and a friend, challenging them to take action for others too!

Contest is open to everyone (Scouting members and non-members) and ends May 17 at 11:59am EDT.

Personal Achievement Badges of the Week


Personal Achievement badges allow you to create your own adventure. Use the Plan-Do-Review method to planning your personal goals, either build upon a hobby you’ve already tried, or take on something completely new. This week’s Personal Achievement badge is World. Challenge yourself to find out more about our big, wide world, and discover how you can still remain a contributing citizen and build international connections from your home. 

Take a look at the full selection of Personal Achievement badges for activities your child can do alone or together as a family. What is a food from another culture that you’ve always wanted to try? What is the United Nations (UN)?  

Staying Safe

We recognize that a change to online and at-home activities creates a vulnerability for some children especially those in difficult or at-risk living conditions. In line with our safety culture and values, Scouts Canada continues to prioritize safety and offers support by providing access to various experts and resources. We encourage kids to reach out to Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) for 24/7 counselling. You can also visit for best practices on internet safety or review Scouts Canada’s Safety Tips on cyber safety and social media.

As always, be sure to keep the Two-Scouter Rule in mind, whether engaging in online conversations through email, virtual conversations with other Scouts or on social media, and by phone. 


Tag @scoutscanada in your #ScoutsDoStuff pics—let Scouting youth across Canada and around the world know how they can continue Scouting at home!

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers in 23rd Nepean are doing their best to remind us why it’s so important for us all to continue staying at home!

This Scouting family is making non-toxic furniture polish to work towards completing a Personal Achievement badge. This is a great environmentally sustainable a activity!

Beaver Scouts in White Pine Council are still sharing fun camping adventures—even at home!

The 1st SouthFields Cub Pack­­­ enjoyed a virtual lego building competition. Cubs had only five minutes to create a variety of items—a fun challenge to chare with friends!

Backyard Scouting

What would you need if you actually took a trip around the world? What would you be most excited to see and experience? Use the Outdoor Adventure Skills competencies to find activities that would prepare you for adventures in various destinations around the world. 

Climb Higher

You’re bound to face a terrain where you need to climb or repel on your worldwide trip! Explore how carabiners work, and practise tying a figure-8 follow-through knot so that you can climb safely. What other equipment would you need? 

Vertical Skills

Sail Away

Perhaps you’ll need to master some aspects of sailing for parts of your travel through water. What are the twelve key parts of your sailboat? Create your own fun physical fitness program designed for sailing—include tossing a throw bag to practise this important skill.

Sailing Skills

Bundle Up

Believe it or not, some places you’ll visit will experience winter weather all year round. Gather your winter clothing and challenge your family to a race. Who can get dressed appropriately for the cold the fastest.  

Winter Skills

A Trip Around the World


If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? Mexico? Greece? Japan? Even though you can’t travel there now, why not go on a trip around the world while staying in the comfort of your own home? Choose your Dream Destination and imagine you’re going on an adventure. How will you plan your trip? When you’re ready to head out, take a Virtual Trek to experience a country, historic site or city.

Find A New Reason to Party and experience celebrations from around the world. Try hosting your own celebration at home with your family, complete with a Multicultural Feast!

You can also Get That Lingo and use technology to explore a new language, or improve your knowledge of a language you already know. There are lots of different free apps available to learn languages – why not find one that suits you? For extra fun, learn a new language with friends (or learn a language that a friend already knows), and video chat your friends to practise speaking it.

Exploring STEM

The world is pretty big, but do you know how big it is? Learn about the scale of different things around you with How Big Is…? Once you know the scale of things, why not try making a Scale Model? You don’t have to make the whole world – try starting small by making a scale model of a tourist landmark, like the CN Tower or Sydney Opera House.

Get creative and try using nontraditional materials for your model, like recycled paper or sand!


Heather McCracken, Chinook Council Youth Commissioner
Jason Gingrich, Shining Waters Council Youth Commissioner

While it may be difficult to envision a post-pandemic world right now, I’ve found planning my next adventures to be a great use of the extra time I have on my hands! Putting trust in the fact that someday, in the not-so-distant future, we will be able to travel again, and using my time right now to explore those corners of the world virtually, has been a great way to stay busy.


We Recommend

There are lots of other great organizations creating resources for doing activities at home—here are a few of our favourites!

Scouts UK – The Great Indoors

While we can’t explore the great outdoors right now, Scouts UK has created activities to help you explore The Great Indoors! These activities range from simple recipes to building projects, with a world of adventure in between. There are also activities about helping youth practice physical distancing and cope with the ways COVID-19 affects day-to-day life.


Boy Scouts of America – Scouting at Home

The Boy Scouts of America have released materials for Scouts to do at home. While some of their materials are specific to BSA programming, there are lots of different activities for youth of all ages who aren’t members of the Boy Scouts of America, including STEM activities and games to bring the family together!