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Scouting at Home


Discover fun new outdoor games and activities you can try at home this summer!

Go for a bike ride and get to know your community a little better! Visit the beach and take your sand sculpting skills to the next level. Make your own mini golf course in your backyard. Make your own sidewalk chalk—or your own ice cream!

These are just some of the ways you can have fun in the sun at home — read on to discover more!

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Personal Achievement Badge of the Week


We’re lucky in Canada to have beautiful summers filled with fun outdoor activities! This week’s Personal Achievement badge is Canada. What do you want to explore about Canada this summer?

Do This Badge!

  1. Try a new game or sport! Explore a traditional Indigenous game from this list of Indigenous Games for Children in Canada. What equipment will you need?
  2. Certain plants and animals are national, provincial or territorial symbols of Canada. Plan and go on a hike, and keep track of all the symbolic plants and animals you see! What’s your provincial or territorial flower?
  3. Practice your photography skills by taking pictures of all of the scenery, plants and animals that Canada has to offer. Get outside and see what you can find that is uniquely Canadian, and share with others! If you don’t have a camera, you can always draw what you see.
  4. Discover hidden Canada with the National Parks and National Historic Sites near you. You might be surprised what locations are heritage sites!
  5. Try making a local field-to-table meal with your family, and bring it on a summer picnic! Canada offers so many great fruits, vegetables, herbs, and berries to make a healthy meal. Don’t have a garden? Community gardens, fruit & veggies stands, and local grocery stores are a good place to start.

Use the Personal Achievement Badge Planning Template to get started on your adventure!   


We Recommend

There are lots of other great organizations creating resources for doing activities at home, so why not share them? Here are a few of our favourites!  

UNICEF Kid Power: 50 Summer Activities

Still bored and looking for something to do? UNICEF’s Kid Power program has released a list of 50 great activities to try with your family. From digging for fossils to feeding the ducks, there are activities for everyone to try!


Indigenous Games for Children — HIGH FIVE

Take a look at these traditional Indigenous games and activities. Connect with recreational and sport activities that reflect the rich cultural heritage of our Indigenous peoples across Canada.


Make Your Own Mini Golf Course

This is a great way to enjoy your backyard or local park while making something new! Build your own mini golf course and challenge your friends and family to a round of mini golf.



Tag @scoutscanada in your #ScoutsDoStuff pics—let Scouting youth across Canada and around the world know how they can continue Scouting at home!

Youth in 1st Binbrook are chalking up their driveways!

Cubs and Scouts from the 392nd Thornhill Muslim Scout Group have been busy with their Outdoor Adventure Skills and Personal Achievement badges!

Beavers from 11th Brampton made benches together—online!

Executive Commissioner Andrew Price is taking part in Saskatchewan Council’s Wilderness Rendezvous hiking challenge! #WRHike

A Backyard Scouting Challenge!

What if you hiked across Canada?

Trail Skills — What if you hiked (or biked) across Canada?

It’s 5,514 km from Cape Spear, Newfoundland and Labrador, to the Yukon and Alaska border, and 4,634 km from Cape Columbia, Nunavut, to Middle Island (Lake Erie), Ontario. These are the longest distances from east to west, and north to south, of our big country of Canada! Try out this challenge and imagine what it would be like to hike this far.

Are you up for the challenge?

Imagine you’ll be attempting a hike across Canada with your Section, family or friends. Think about these questions as you plan what you’d need for a Canadian trek.

  1. Which trail skills would you need to practise?
  2. What equipment would you need for a big adventure like this?
  3. Using a map of Canada, which route would you take, and what would you stop to see along the way?
  4. Think about all of the hikes you’ve done in the past. Try adding all of those kilometres travelled together. How far would you have made it on this trek based on kilometres you’ve already hiked?
  5. Finally, set yourself a goal for how many kilometres you want to hike this summer, and see how far across Canada you would get! Share what location you would’ve made it to with #ScoutsDoStuff.

Activities for Fun in the Sun!

Five Ways to Get Outside and Enjoy the Summer Sun!

Head to the Beach

Head to the beach and try to learn some new skills! Build the greatest sand sculpture you can, or try a new water activity, like snorkeling or kayaking.

Get Biking

Get moving and go for a bike ride with your family! Biking is a great way to explore new parts of your community.

Cook a Meal Outside

Cook a meal outside! If you’re able to, try cooking a meal over a campfire. If you can’t have a fire where you live, try making a meal on your barbecue! A foil dinner is a great meal to make over the fire or on a barbecue. Don’t forget about dessert.

Get Hiking

Biking not your speed? Hiking is another great way to enjoy the summer sun. Try going for an alphabet hike and see how many different letters you can check off.

Exploring STEM

There are so many great ways to make STEM a part of your summer fun!

Get creative this summer and try making your own sidewalk chalk! See if you can figure out why you use certain materials for chalk as you try to make the perfect colour!

Learn about how water moves with the walking water experiment. Watch as the water moves from one cup to another – how does it do that?

Sand castles aren’t just a fun summer activity – they’re a feat of engineering! Learn more about building the ultimate sand castle and try some new techniques next time you’re at the beach.

Staying Safe

We recognize that a change to online and at-home activities creates a vulnerability for some children especially those in difficult or at-risk living conditions. In line with our safety culture and values, Scouts Canada continues to prioritize safety and offers support by providing access to various experts and resources. We encourage kids to reach out to Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) for 24/7 counselling. You can also visit for best practices on internet safety or review Scouts Canada’s Safety Tips on cyber safety and social media.

As always, be sure to keep the Two-Scouter Rule in mind, whether engaging in online conversations through email, virtual conversations with other Scouts or on social media, and by phone.