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Scouting at Home


Explore fun ways to get creative and crafty! 

Make a sculpture out of recycled materials, discover cool kinetic sand, play with new painting styles or bake up a storm of quirky recipes! Make something delicious and try cooking with leftoversMake your own bubble wand and see if you can create the best bubbles. Organize an art or talent show that can be shared virtually or in person with a small gathering—invite friends and family to join!  

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Let’s Get Messy with these new fun ideas and more. 

Looking for more inspiring activities to try? Catch up on all Scouting at Home editions here.  

Personal Achievement Badge of the Week


Get messy, use your imagination or create something brand new! This week’s Personal Achievement badges are Creative Beaver and Cub ArtsWhy not practice your photography or drawing skills? If you were to write your own story book, what would it be about? How do you write a song? Check out this video from Scout Andrew, on how to write a song! 

Do This Badge!

  1. Try making your own sculpture using only recycled materials. What will you make? 
  2. Visit an art gallery! Many art galleries all around the world, like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, offer virtual tours to learn more and see some famous art pieces. Can you name a famous artist? 
  3. Organize an art or talent show (this can even be virtual) to showcase art that you and the rest of your Section, friends and family create. How will you invite others to the show? 
  4. Do the waltz or the polka! Not only is dancing lots of fun, but it’s great for staying physically active. You can even try making your own dance routine using moves you’ve learned. 
  5. Do you know what a willow whistle is? Try making one – but make sure you get help from an adult! What materials and tools do you need?

Use the Personal Achievement Badge Planning Template to get started on your adventure!   


We Recommend

There are lots of other great organizations creating resources for doing activities at home, so why not share them? Here are a few of our favourites

Science Bob

Science Bob: 

Science Bob is a great source for creative and fun science experiments. Learn how to build your own hovercraft, or how to make your own rock candy in a glass! 


Backyard Games DIYs

Backyard Game DIYs: 

Enjoy what’s left of the summer and build something for your backyard! Try building one of these do-it-yourself games for your backyard and challenge your family to a tournament.  



Instructables - Crafts

Instructables – Crafts:

Feeling creative but not sure where to start? Instructables is a collection of user-inspired ideas that might help you to start your next great project! With literally thousands of different ideas, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love to make!  


A Backyard Scouting Challenge!

Scoutcraft Chef – The Foil Meal Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? Make your own unique foil meal recipe to take part in this challenge! This can be done in a fire pit, on a barbecue or in the oven. Just make sure you have adult permission and supervision to make your delicious meal.  


Before you begin...

  1. What materials do you need? 
  2. What will you make? Are you making a meal or a dessert? How about both? 
  3. How can you stay safe during this challenge? 
  4. How long do you need to cook your foil food? 
  5. Share your recipe with #ScoutsDoStuff and check out all of the other yummy recipes! 

Scoutcraft Skills Competencies

Activities to Get Messy!

Make a Mess and Try Something New!

Try painting in a new style!

Pendulum painting and sand painting are two great ways to get your creative juices flowing to create great art. Check out Scout Ana-Alexandra’s video on pendulum painting! 


Try Oobleck 

Have you ever made Oobleck before? Get messy with this Dr. Seuss-inspired recipe! 

Kinetic Sand

Have you ever heard of moon sand? You can play with this sand and watch it slowly return to its natural shape. Try making this satisfying sand at home!   

Chili Cook-off!

Make something delicious and organize a master chef cook-off! See if you can get your friends, family or neighbours involved so that you can (safely) compete to see who can make the best meal! 

Egg Drop  

Stay Head Safe this summer as you try to protect your egg with the egg drop activity. Learn about the importance of a properly-fitted helmet by building a helmet for your egg. Will your egg survive the impact of a fall?  

Exploring STEM

There are so many great ways to make STEM a part of your summer fun! 

Try something tasty as you learn about the chemistry of cake. What are the most important parts of a cake? What happens when you do not put certain ingredients in your cake?  

Make your own bubble wand and see if you can create the best bubbles! You can even make your own bubble liquid and see if you can make different kinds of bubbles. Will your bubbles be big? Strong? Long-lasting? 

How do elephants brush their teeth? With toothpaste of course! Get messy and make some elephant toothpaste


Tag @scoutscanada in your #ScoutsDoStuff pics—let Scouting youth across Canada and around the world know how they can continue Scouting at home!

Major kudos to Scouter Kayla who received the Messengers of Peace, Scouts of the World Award! Over 100 hours of service to support the mental health of Nova Scotia youth through the arts. 

Building rain gauges with 1st Southfields Cub Scouts to measure how much rain fell in August! Shout out to the 4th Clarkson Scouts for raising $6,000 virtually for the Compass Food Bank in Mississauga! 

Shout out to the 4th Clarkson Scouts for raising $6,000 virtually for the Compass Food Bank in Mississauga! 

Family fishing fun! Have you hit the water this summer for paddling?

Too cool! The 23rd Geohunters led a Virtual Urban Survival Camp to learn about first aid, edible plants, cooking and astronomy.  

Staying Safe

We recognize that a change to online and at-home activities creates a vulnerability for some children especially those in difficult or at-risk living conditions. In line with our safety culture and values, Scouts Canada continues to prioritize safety and offers support by providing access to various experts and resources. We encourage kids to reach out to Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) for 24/7 counselling. You can also visit for best practices on internet safety or review Scouts Canada’s Safety Tips on cyber safety and social media.

As always, be sure to keep the Two-Scouter Rule in mind, whether engaging in online conversations through email, virtual conversations with other Scouts or on social media, and by phone.