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Scouting at Home

Let's Get Moving and Stay Healthy!

Scouting at Home is a new special edition of ScoutScene to keep our Scouting community engaged each week.

As a Scouter, discover how to stay connected with your Section and Group to support continued programming. For parents, explore ideas to keep your kids active with great, safe Scouting adventures that can be done at home or online!

Don’t forget to share your Scouting activities by posting a photo on social media (#ScoutsDoStuff) or distributing them amongst your Section through email or a Group Facebook page.

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We recognize that a change to online and at home activities does create a vulnerability for some children especially those in difficult or at-risk living conditions. In line with our safety culture and values, Scouts Canada continues to prioritize safety and offers support by providing access to various experts and resources. We encourage kids to reach out to Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) for 24/7 counselling. You can also visit for best practices on internet safety or review Scouts Canada’s Safety Tips on cyber safety and social media.

As always, be sure to keep the Two-Scouter Rule in mind, whether engaging in online conversations through email, virtual conversations with other Scouts or on social media, and by phone. 

Theme of the Week:

Let’s Get Moving and Stay Healthy!

It can be hard to take good care of yourself when your schedule is changed and you’re stuck at home. Here are some fun activities to help you stay healthy during this time. They can be adapted for youth of any age.


Not sure how to get moving while at home? Try building your own obstacle course around your house using household materials! Challenge yourself to make the biggest obstacle course you can – can you make it stretch through multiple rooms?

Take a picture or video and share it with friends and fellow Scouts to see who has the longest course!


Keeping your menu fresh and exciting can also be a challenge. Get the whole family involved with choosing and cooking meals, whether it’s making snack art, planning your menu as a family or challenging yourselves to an Master Chef cook-off to see who can make the tastiest meal!


It’s also important to look out for your mental health during this time of social distancing. Why not build a desktop Zen garden for your workspace? A desktop Zen garden can be a calming addition to any work space, whether it’s your home office, or your make-shift school for the time being

Personal Achievement Badge of the Week:

Year-Round Fitness

Personal Achievement badges are designed to allow kids to take their hobbies to the next level and try new experiences through self-set badge requirements. As a parent, your role is to help kids in setting safe and realistic requirements that will challenge them to try something new or push the boundaries of their current interests. This is actually easier than it sounds, and kids don’t have to be a Scout member to engage in these activities. Check out our Personal Achievement badge video  to see self-set badge requirements in action!

This week’s personal achievement badge is Year-Round Fitness. Challenge kids to practise their favourite sport or to help create a family exercise routine!

There are 16 different themed Personal Achievement badges, broadly covering virtually every interest or hobby. Take a look at the full selection of Personal achievement badges for activities your child can do alone, with a sibling or together as a family.


Backyard Scouting

It’s important that we stay active and spend time outdoors while practising social distancing. Spending time outside and getting fresh air is helpful for both our physical health and mental well-being. The Outdoor Adventure Skills competencies are a simple way to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors that you might already be missing!

Take hiking. You might not be able to head out with your friends for a weekend hike, but you can make the most of your time at home by improving your hiking kit. Start by packing for a day hike and ensuring you have all the right equipment. Do you have everything you need? You can even look at what you need for your own personal survival kit and add missing items you can find around your home.

We can also still spend time outside while practising social distancing. Take an outdoor walk or just explore your backyard, while taking the time to identify the plants, animals and animal tracks you see.

Bring Scouting to your backyard, or even indoors, by practising your shelter-building with stuff you find around the house. Would your shelter keep you safe, warm and dry? Try planning a healthy camp meal or menu for your next trip, or even make a nutritious meal at home!

Exploring STEM

Getting outside is vital for your health and well-being. Take a Habitat Hike in your neighbourhood and explore a natural space with your child. Look for habitats of other species around you, whether they are birds, bugs or other animals


Tag @scoutscanada in your #ScoutsDoStuff pics—let Scouting youth across Canada and around the world know how they can continue Scouting at home!

Virtual Meetings

1st SouthFields Cub Pack is continuing its meetings—online! Check out how your Section can stay connected and have fun on your regular meeting night!

2nd Bramalea Scout Group let its members know how they can learn at home – and even virtually tour museums!

Camping at Home

Lots of Scout and Guide camps across the country have been canceled or postponed—but some families are making the most of things with campouts at home! Good stuff, @danaT8T!