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Personal Achievement Badges – Cubs

As Cubs, we explore the Jungle with help of characters and settings from The Jungle Book. Explore the Program Areas as you learn more about the different Personal Achievement badges you can earn as a Cub.

Earning a Personal Achievement badge might seem like a big job, but all you have to do is Plan, Do, Review!

  1. Pick your badge – there are 16 for you to choose from!
  2. Plan your adventures – big, small, or somewhere in the middle. With help from a parent, Scouter or older youth, plan four adventures related to your badge.
  3. Have fun on your adventures! Don’t forget to be safe!
  4. Review your adventures with your parent, Scouter or Lair. What was your favourite part? What was one lesson that you learned?
  5. Present your badge work to your Scouter. Share what you have done and what you have learned!
  • Do you need an adult’s help for your adventure?
    • It’s okay if you need some help from an adult for your adventure! This will help you to be safe while doing your adventure. If you need an adult to do a lot of the work for you, then your adventure might just be a little too hard.
  • Will you learn or try something new?
    • Your adventure should teach you something new or help you get better at something you can already do! Which PAB do you know the least about?
  • How long will your adventure take?
    • Adventures might take days, weeks or months depending on what you want to learn! If your adventure is going to take a whole year of work, you might want to think about saving your adventure for your Seeonee Award
  • Will you have fun doing this adventure?
    • This is the most important step! Have fun doing your PAB adventures.