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224 Sandstone Valley Scouts Community Garden

This will be our second year having garden beds in the Beddington Community Garden growing
produce for the community. Last year was more of a test year, hopefully we will produce more
vegetable than last year. The Community Garden was created last year and Scouts have been
involved in creating the garden.

This is a way for our youth to learn about growing their own food from seed (we did a planting night
in April) and maintaining a vegetable garden. Youth will also be involved in planting the beds and
maintaining them over the summer (they sign up for weeks to water). We will also be using ullas
(filled clay pots) so they learn a bit about wise water use in our dry climate. The produce will be
given to our local Community Cupboard so they learn about supporting the community and help
those with issues with food insecurity. The garden will also be adding 6 fruit trees and fruit bushes
this year and the youth will be helping plant these.