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Astronaut training - Space gloves

Goal: Perform simple tasks while wearing thick gloves, like the types that astronauts wear.
Type of gloves: 2 pairs of winter gloves, one inside the other
Tasks: Tie shoes, assemble lego, count some coins, browse through a book

Which tasks were easiest? Which were hardest?
Counting coins was the easiest. Tying my shoes was the hardest.

Did you do anything to make the tasks easier?
No, I just kept trying hard.

How might astronauts work around the challenge of having to wear gloves while doing simple tasks?
The lack of gravity might help moving around some objects. I also believe that having special tools would help them a lot.

Would it have been harder or easier to do the tasks with a partner?
I think it would have been easier, for example if someone held one of the lego parts while I tried to fit on the other part. Also, having a partner helps to save time by doing multiple tasks at once.