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Grimsby Wetland Restoration Project

1st North Grimsby Scouts provided service to the Hamilton Naturalists Club for one of their projects - the Grimsby Wetlands. The Wetlands are located at the former Biggar family farm and rehabilitated sewage lagoon at 642 Winston Rd in Grimsby. The Wetlands are now a nature preserve for birds, turtles and other wildlife. 1st North Grimsby Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers assisted with maintenance of the Wetlands by dismantling several brush piles of invasive shrub species within the woodlot area to enable the growth of white pine and other seedlings. The brush was placed in other parts of the preserve to provide suitable wildlife shelter. Four large brushpiles were relocated by forming a chain of big kids to pull apart the branches, smaller kids dragging the branches to the new locations and big kids heaped the branches up into four new wildlife shelters. A hibernaculum was also rehabilitated with fresh woodchip cover. We learned how important the wetland is for birds migrating along the Great Lakes, saw nests for land and water birds and found snails and a broken goose egg. Swallows, redwing blackbirds and Canada Geese were there to cheer us on in the rain.