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North Star Project (2019-2020): Build Homes for Birds to Bring More Back to our Community

The White Tails of D Colony (2019-2020 Scouting year) wanted to better sustain birds in their community, as part of their North Star Project. During the global pandemic the white tails worked virtually and at home to research local birds, types of bird houses, then individually built their own bird houses, painted and customized them for specific birds (like the Bluebird and Chickadees). Their hope is that by providing well built homes, it will give shelter and safety to the birds in our community and hopefully bring more Bluebirds and Chickadees to the area, which currently there are very few due to new community developments. The Beavers are hoping for fletching's to grow up as well so they can see baby birds in our community. Long term, the Beavers want to maintain their bird houses and expand on making them safer and possibly making more to share with neighbors to expand safe homes for the birds.