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10 Reduced

Scouts is the Start of Equality for All

Imagine a kind world where everyone is treated with respect. Start by attending an international supper, joining a social media campaign to raise awareness about inequalities or help to sponsor a refugee.

There are many great things that make us unique, but sometimes people are treated unfairly because of the things that make them unique. How can we help others to be treated fairly?

Are you ready to help out?

Our world is full of people of many different races, genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, and nationalities. There are so many things that make us unique! Unfortunately, sometimes people are treated unfairly because of the things that make them unique. Let's work together to make sure that everyone is treated equally and with respect!  


Activities for Equality for All


Make a Safe Space for All

  • Reducing inequality starts in our communities. Participate in Pink Shirt Day to take a stand against bullying and raise awareness about the importance of treating everyone with respect.  
  • Wealth is distributed differently in different countries. In some countries, a small number of people have most of the wealth while in other countries the distribution is more equal. Find out how Canada compares to other countries with the World Inequality Database.
  • Indigenous people have not been treated fairly by the Government of Canada. Participate in Orange Shirt Day to stand up against racism and commit to reconciliation.  
  • Learn what discrimination is and what to do if you face discrimination with this resource from Kids Help Line.
  • Sometimes inequality means treating people differently because of their beliefs, appearances, and abilities. Learn about the difference between stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination with this resource from Kids Help Phone.


SDG 10 — Reduced Inequalities

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