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11 Sustainable

Scouts is the Start of a Thriving Community

Imagine a world where all communities and cities are safe and healthy. Challenge your community to bike, walk or take public transit everywhere for a week or plant a community garden to help.

Every community and city have the potential to be sustainable. Sustainability goes beyond just the environment – sustainability includes three main pillars: the economy, the environment, and society! In Canada, we have a lot of different community types: we have a mix of urban cities, suburban towns, and rural farmlands. Within each of these different communities, there are lots of ways to become more sustainable. How is your community sustainable?  


Activities to Build a Stronger Community


Building Blocks for a Better Future!

  • Have you seen renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines in or near your community? 
  • What services does your community have to help vulnerable populations? This could be a food bank, a temporary housing shelter or employment services. 
  • If you were Mayor for a day and could change anything in your community to make it more sustainable, what would you change and why?  
  • Champions for Nature Challenge — Become a champion for nature and biodiversity by developing sustainable habits for an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.


SDG 11 — Sustainable Cities & Communities

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