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7 Affordable and
Clean Energy

Scouts is the Start of Green Energy Movement

Imagine a world run by affordable and green energy. Brighten the community by learning about different energy sources, finding ways to conserve energy in your home or creating your own power.

Let's make sure that everyone has power that they can afford that is good for the environment!

Here's to Powering On!  

We’ve got the power to create a world that runs on affordable and clean energy. Our reliance on nonrenewable resources means that climate change is speeding up which is affecting millions of people and living things around the world. Learn how you can reduce your personal energy usage and choose different energy sources by finding ways to conserve energy in your daily life.

Activities to Spark your imagination!  

Power On!

  • How is energy used in your home? How much is necessary? How much is unnecessary? 
  • What are some ways you can reduce the amount of electricity you use? 
  • What are some different types of renewable energy that you know of? 

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