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Discover our new Scouts for Sustainability pilot program that integrates the Sustainable Development Goals with the Canadian Path.

Scouts Canada is excited to announce the Fall 2019 pilot launch of our new Scouts for Sustainability program. While Scouting youth are already known for leading environmental and social causes to benefit the world around them, Scouts Canada’s new Scouts for Sustainability program is taking our impact to the next level by aligning our existing Canadian Path program with the United Nations’  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) movement. 

Last year alone Scouting youth contributed to 426,000 hours of service projects, resulting in 2,000 Canadian communities being positively impacted by local Scouting initiatives. The SDGs tie in well with The Canadian Path’s six program areas, youth development goals (SPICES), and the Plan-Do-Review method to facilitate excellent interdisciplinary learning. The Scouts for Sustainability program will help youth see how they can make a difference, moving from individual actions to collective acts and advocacy for causes affecting their communities. We look forward to a full launch of this engaging new program in the spring of 2020.

Together, we can contribute to a more generous society, fairer communities and a healthier planet. 

Discover more about our Scouts For Sustainability program and how the SDGs are in line with our Five Priorities, here. 

Get Inspired

Whether your Group is planning a community project, avoiding waste on the trail or looking for ideas, discover best practices, tips, and how-to’s from Scouts Canada’s Youth Spokespersons as they share ways to live more sustainably.

Take Action

Need ideas? Take a look at these three activities for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Scouts across the country are already doing! How can you challenge yourself and others to take the next step and contribute to a better world, and how might your Group connect these activities to other Goals as well?

Shoreline Clean-Ups

For more than a decade, Scouts from across Canada have participated in countless shoreline cleanups. Plastics and other litter are filling up our oceans and negatively impacting marine life, so much so that research predicts plastic will outnumber fish in the ocean by 2050. What SDG(s) might this connect to and how can we step our efforts up a notch?

Activity Idea

After embarking on a community, shoreline or green space cleanup with your Scouting Group or family, make an art piece out of the reusable litter that was picked up and discuss how recyclables can be repurposed and reused.

Food Drives

Over 800,000 Canadians rely on food banks each year—a surprising number, given we live in a wealthy country like Canada! Scouts Canada Groups across the country collect food donations in many interesting ways, and donate their collections to those who need it most. From filling a canoe with food to the Food For Thought challenge, Scouts are already thinking about others in their communities. What SDG does this connect to and how can we take this even further?

Activity Idea

Task yourself to try the 100-mile diet. In a nutshell, everything you eat must come from within a 100 mile radius of your dinner table. This inspires local eating and conversation around what foods grow close to home.


Scouting youth have planted more than 80 million trees across Canada since Scoutrees began in 1972.As one of our national programs, Scoutrees can help promote your Group and give everyone involved the opportunity to give back to the environment. What SDG does planting trees connect to, and how can we grow this program?

Activity Idea

Research tree-for-tree programs and challenge another National Scouting Organization to join you in a tree-planting contest!

Global Goals Art Contest

Engage your  Sections in our Scouts for Sustainability program through a fun art contest! Youth can showcase service projects and good deeds for a chance to win prizes, or have their art featured on our Scouts for Sustainability badge! 

Contest ends November 1st.

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