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Scientific Beaver

Scientific Beaver

You use science every day to you use technology, explore the world and discover new ideas. Use your scientific mind to explore, discover and learn about the world around you. What will you learn?


Adaptations in Nature

Barefoot Walk

Be a Leak Detective

Blast off

Cleaning Up Our Water

Climate Scientists

Colours in the Sun

Do You See What I See?

Colours in the Sun

Does It Float?

Edible Uranium

Elephant Toothpaste

Fastest Vehicle Ever


Groovy Lava Lamps

Hibernate, Insulate, Migrate

Paper Airplane Challenge

Phases of the Moon

Photosynthesis Tag

Popsicle Protector!

Renewable Resources

Taste vs Smell

Three Little Pigs

Ticks you off

Tiny Habitat Survey

Water Filter

Wild Water

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Telus Spark

Space Start


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