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Summer Programming

Extend the adventure with Summer Programming!

Whether your Section plans to share a single day of adventure or a week-long expedition, the summer season offers fantastic opportunities for all kinds of great Scouting experiences that just aren’t the same in other times of year.

By discovering seasonal Outdoor Adventure Skills that are best enjoyed in the summer months—like paddling and sailing, youth can continue to develop as well-rounded individuals without missing a season, further preparing them for future success. And why not invite the family along?

Family activities are a great way to keep parents engaged and show siblings what Scouting is all about. Hosting an event with your Scouting Group? Invite families to join with these family invitations!

The Canadian Path is all about youth-led Scouting adventures. Now’s the time for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers to start planning the great, safe Scouting adventures you’ll do this summer.

We’ll see you on The Path!


Summer is a special time of year in Canada, and it fits with so many of the adventures we think about when we think of Scouting. With Summer Programming, take your Outdoor Adventure Skills to a whole new level by staying active through the sunny season. From canoeing and kayaking to sailing or snorkeling, a Scouting summer is a summer you won’t forget!

Kickstart the adventure with your Section by planning now, or perhaps explore ideas for day activities to share with your family. Scuba diving? Cycling? Hiking? Fishing? Roasting marshmallows? Tidepooling? Stargazing? There’s no end to the possibilities!

Beavers and Cubs Planning

This summer don’t miss a Scouting beat! Use the Pond Map and Jungle Map to choose a Program Area for an amazing summer adventure.

Colony Planning Guide

Pack Planning Guide

Scouts Planning

Plan a Scouting expedition or a series of day adventures. Use the Canadian Trails Map to choose a Program Area for enhanced summer activities.

Troop Planning Guide

Venturers and Rovers Planning

Take your sense of adventure to the next level with unique experiences and meet like-minded people along the way.

Summer is a great time for Venturers to pursue the Amory Adventure Award. Along with Rovers, they can also plan for the Survivorman Challenge or work towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Company Planning Guide

Program Quality Guide


Once you’ve made a plan for your summer, it’s time to DO the fun part! By maintaining adventure-based programming throughout the summer, Groups can change up the pace of weekly meetings while keeping the Scouting spirit year-round. Youth will be able to continue experiencing new adventures and expand on their Outdoor Adventure Skills, developing into well-rounded individuals without skipping a season.

As youth benefit from Summer Programming, so do Volunteers and Scouters. With flexible event-based programming, Scouters and Volunteers can stay engaged in Scouting, allowing their Group to have a stronger start—and potentially more youth and Volunteers—for their fall cycle.

Invite Scouting parents and families to join the adventure through family Scouting activities!

Review & Celebrate

When your summer adventures have wrapped up, don’t forget to review your experience. Plan-Do-Review is one of the Four Elements of The Canadian Path, and if there’s one part of the cycle that tends to get overlooked, it’s reviewing adventures. Reviewing helps Scouts to recognize what went to plan on an adventure and what didn’t, and it helps with better planning on future adventures! Reviewing an adventure also supports personal development in the SPICES – the six attributes Scouting aims to foster.

Take the time to celebrate your summer adventure, too! Appreciating a great, safe Scouting experience will help to build anticipation for all the wonderful adventures that lie ahead.

Review Your Summer

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