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Medal Of The Maple Requirements

I. Description of the Award

The Medal of the Maple for Distinguished Youth Service is an award created by the members of the National Youth Network, designed to honour those youth who have contributed to the Scouting Movement and the spirit of Scouting through community service, extraordinary Scouting participation, and a solid system of personal values.

The Medal of the Maple Award was launched in our Centennial year (Fall 2007), to symbolize the importance of youth involvement in our Movement’s success and revamped in 2017 to better align it with the changing needs of Scouts Canada’s membership.

Nomination Form

Fill out the online Medal of the Maple Nomination Form to nominate a youth today!

Nominate a Youth Today!

II. Appearance and Significance

Each award recipient receives a medal, a uniform badge and a certificate. The medal design is of a maple leaf surrounded by a rope circle. Inside the maple leaf is a fleur-de-lis. The medal hangs on a red and white striped ribbon, worn around the neck.

The flash is a stylized bar with elements of the medal and is worn with all other awards on the uniform with any other award flashes a youth may have.

The National Youth Network chose to call the award the Medal of the Maple as the maple leaf is a symbol of Canada. Found in virtually every area of Canada, the maple tree is strong, solid and under ideal conditions, can have a long life span. The fleur- de-lis, as well as the rope circle, represent the Scouting Movement and our pioneering skills. The red and white ribbon once again reflects our Canadian identity, which is fitting for a national award.


III. Nomination

The award is presented to youth who are nominated by another member of Scouting or a member of the community. To apply, the nominator fills out the Medal of the Maple Nomination Form online.

Medal of the Maple Nomination Form

Award presentation will be done throughout the year as deemed necessary by the Council Youth Commissioner at a time and place that is meaningful to the youth member being presented with the Medal of the Maple.


IV. Adjudication

The award, although nationally recognized, will be adjudicated within the councils by the Council Youth Commissioner and a small group of impartial youth members of Scouting chosen by the Council Youth Commissioner.


V. Award Criteria

The Medal of the Maple seeks to recognize youth members that display repeated service and commitment to the Scouting by performing service to others in Scouting and service to their community.

Aside from this broad definition, youth must meet the specified criteria below:

  1. Be a member of Scouting for no less than three years including the current scouting year, and be 18 years of age or less, or be currently registered as a youth in Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturer Scouts or Rover Scouts.
  2. Provide repeated service at the group, area, council, or national level
  3. Provide service to their community through actions that positively benefit those both in and outside of Scouting