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Youth Leadership: Overview

Youth-led is one of the Four Elements of the Canadian Path program.

Our Scouting journey on the Canadian Path begins with Youth-led, one of the Four Elements of the program.

Through Youth-led programming, young people gain leadership skills by leading their peers on meaningful adventures. In addition to our Youth-led approach on The Canadian Path, Scouting offers opportunities across Canada for youth to gain real-world experience in leading roles that involve decision-making on the Area, Council and National level. Through such roles, youth can further develop their resumes and skillsets, further preparing them for success in the world.

Tooltip: The Canadian Path program is the way Scouting is done in Canada, offering youth aged 5 to 26 an opportunity to experience new things, have more adventures and develop into confident and capable individuals, better prepared for success in the world.

Annabelle first joined Scouts Canada at the age of six as a Beaver Scout in Nova Scotia. 

Annabelle first joined Scouts Canada at the age of six as a Beaver Scout in Nova Scotia. 

National Youth Network

The National Youth Network represents the best and brightest Scouts Canada youth leaders from across the country. Consisting of each Council Youth Commissioner, three Assistant National Youth Commissioners and chaired by the National Youth Commissioner.


Together, the National Youth Network:

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Youth Spokesperson Program

Since 2010, the Scouts Canada Youth Spokesperson Program has been allowing youth members to have firsthand experiences in media relations, public speaking, communications, graphic design and video production. Youth that participate in the program are offered a unique experience within Scouting that allows them to act as advocates for Scouting and other Scouting youth within their community.

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Youth Leadership Training

Developing Well-Rounded Young Leaders, Better Prepared For Success in the World

The new Youth Leadership Training courses follow the practices, principles and resources of The Canadian Path including Trail Cards, which give the program flexibility and help youth to Plan, Do and Review adventures they choose as a team. Youth Leadership Training represents the exciting evolution of FAST, FLEX and FOCUS, and an opportunity for Scouts Canada to better fulfill its Mission of developing well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.

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