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2018-19 Youth Spokespersons

Is your Council, Area or Group hosting a great Scouting adventure? Perhaps you’d like some media coverage for a significant event, or an article written about the impact of a local Scouting project, or maybe you just want to showcase the amazing Scouting culture in your community. Get connected with your Council’s Youth Spokesperson Program (YSP) participants!

As the voices of Scouts Canada, YSPs across the country are actively engaged in their Scouting communities to spotlight and participate in campaigns, events, local stories and more. To get in touch with your local YSP, find their name below and email

Western Region

Cascadia Rover Scouts Shawn
Cascadia Scouts Xander
Fraser Valley Rover Scouts Samina
Pacific Coast Venturer Scouts Inaara
Pacific Coast Venturer Scouts Shakil
Pacific Coast Venturer Scouts Inaya
Pacific Coast Rover Scouts Inara
Pacific Coast Venturer Scouts Tahir
Pacific Coast Rover Scouts Sarah
Pacific Coast Venturer Scouts Emma
Pacific Coast Venturer Scouts Alyana
Chinook Scouts Brooke
Chinook Scouts Joshua
Chinook Scouts Sikemi
Pacific Coast Scouts Kiana
Pacific Coast Venturer Scouts Michayla

Central Region

Saskatchewan Venturer Scouts Kate
Saskatchewan Scouts Ana-Alexandra
Manitoba Rover Scouts Emily
Central Escarpment Rover Scouts Deanna
Central Escarpment Rover Scouts Stephanie
Greater Toronto Scouts Kaelem
Greater Toronto Rover Scouts Reagan
Greater Toronto Rover Scouts Tomiko
Shining Waters Scouts Vivan
Shining Waters Venturer Scouts Elkan
Shining Waters Venturer Scouts Aeron
Shining Waters Scouts Bill
Central Escarpment Scouts Alec
Central Escarpment Scouts Amelia

Eastern Region

Voyageur Rover Scouts Diana
Voyageur Scouts Quinn
Voyageur Scouts Mackenzie
Voyageur Scouts Oliver
Voyageur Rover Scouts Edward
Quebec Rover Scouts Thomas
Quebec Rover Scouts Kaitlyn
Nova Scotia Venturer Scouts Emma
Voyageur Scouts Maxwell
Voyageur Scouts Riley
Nova Scotia Scouts Sanuli
Voyageur Scouts AnYuan
Voyageur Scouts Cadence
Nova Scotia Venturer Scouts Elizabeth
Nova Scotia Scouts Lucas
Quebec Scouts Ethan
White Pine Scouts Ireland
Voyageur Venturer Scouts Samantha
Voyageur Scouts Myrina
New Brunswick Venturer Scouts Nevan