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Astronaut Training: Station 2 - Bottle Vacuum

What would happen to an astronaut in space if they did not have a space suit or space ship? What would the vacuum of space do to their body?

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  • What materials will you need for this activity? Where will you get these materials?
  • Where will you get the supplies that you need?


  • Obtain an empty clear glass bottle and a kitchen vacuum pump.
  • Place a tiny amount of air into a very small balloon.
  • Tie off the balloon and insert it into the bottle.
  • Use the vacuum pump to pull air out of the bottle – what happens to the balloon?


  • How does the balloon represent a person? What would happen to a person without protection in space?
  • Discuss the importance of pressurized aircraft and space suits.
  • What other kinds of environments require pressurized suits? (deep sea diving, scuba diving, etc.)
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  • Clear glass bottle
  • Kitchen vacuum pump
  • Small balloon

Keep it Simple

  • Build your own space suit out of materials you have at home.

Take it Further