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Good City Planning

Have you ever wanted to plan your very own city? Decide where to build everything, and what to build? Well, now's your chance!

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  • What are some important buildings every city should have? Think economy, safety, and education! 
  • Where can you go to find planning documents for your current town/city? What about the closest urban centre? 
  • What are some things your current town / city has done that are good? What are some things that are bad? 


  • If you could create your own city – what would it look like? Start by thinking about the town or city you currently live in. What are some good parts about it? What parts are not as good? 
  • The best place to start is to look up building plans for your city. You can often find these on your local municipality's website. You can also check the news, as there are often papers or articles that talk about certain planning decisions.  
  • After you have done some of this research, start to make some of your own plans.  
  • The best course of action is to draw out a sketch. Include roads, the buildings, forested areas, farm areas. Then, explain why you are placing certain features in the places you are. 


  • Are there any features you think you should add or remove after hearing what your other youth have included? 
  • Why is it important to have plans to follow 
  • Was there anything you added based on your current town/city? Why did you keep this the same? If you changed something, why did you change it? 
  • Remember to submit your activities on our Scouts for Sustainability Take Action Map


Internet Access 


Writing/drawing materials 


Take it Further: 

Tape, glue 

Cardboard boxes and other recyclables 


Materials to decorate – markers, paint, etc. 

Keep it Simple

Work together in groups to make this activity simpler, and divide which features each person will include. Or you can simply adjust and improve a pre-existing community. 

For Virtual - This activity can be easily be done virtually. Plan your community on your own or with a small team – then share your planned communities with the rest of the group! 

Take it Further

Build a scale model of your community using arts and craft supplies, recyclables and cardboard boxes. The entire group should work together on this step!