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Invention Master

Create your own invention to help solve a world problem under the Little Inventors program.

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  • When and where will you have your Leave No Trace camp?
  • How will you get to camp?
  • What games and activities will you do? How can you do these things while leaving no trace?
  • How can you minimize or prevent creating packaging waste for this camp?
  • How can you minimize or prevent impacting the ground of your camp?
  • How can you show respect for wildlife, wildflowers, trees and other campers when in the outdoors?


  • Little Inventors challenges youth to create inventions that can solve problems related to a theme, like the ocean or outer space.
  • Submit your inventions to the Little Inventors website for the chance for your design to be made into a real object—your invention could actually help the world!


  • What inventions did other members of your Section work on?
  • How would your invention solve a real-life problem?
  • What skills did you need in order to successfully think up your invention?

Keep it Simple

  • As a Lodge, Lair or Patrol, do the Three Little Pigs Challenge and use different materials like mud and straw to invent a structure and test it against the elements (such as wind and sunlight). Did your structure withstand all of the elements? What can you do to improve it?

Take it Further

  • Visit a 3D printing makerspace to learn more about creating new inventions. Design and print your own idea or invention. Check out Little Inventors website for previous prototypes and themes.